Walton County Sheriffs

The following list is from Victor Silvestri’s excellent publication, Encyclopedia of Florida Sheriffs, which is available from the Walton County Heritage Museum Gift Shop. The two-volume set has biographies of every sheriff who served in Florida from 1821 until 2008.

Four Walton County Sheriffs died while in office: J. Murdock Bell (1909-1916), Daniel “Dorie” Clayton Adkison (1937-1938), Robert E. Gatlin (1941-1942), and Thomas Howard “Andy” Anderson (1961-1970). Names in parentheses in the table below are possible alternative names. Names in blue are linked to their biographies or obituaries.

1827-1830Michael Vaughan, Sr.
1830-1832Alexander McKenzie
1832-1834Daniel Campbell McLeod
1834-1836Abraham (Abram) Bellamy
1836-1840Daniel Campbell McLeod
1840-1842Alexander Campbell
1842-1844Giles Bowers
1844-1846William W. McCallum
1846-1847Enos Evans
1847-1849Anthony Hartley Brownell
1849-1853William W. McCollum (McCallum)
1853-1855Alexander (Neil) C. Monroe
1855-1857Alexander C. Monroe
1858-1860John Lauchlin Campbell
1861-1865William W. McCollum
1865-1867John Lauchlin Campbell
1868-1872Samuel Rutan
1872Lafayette Calvin McDonald
1872John Alexander McLeod
1873-1877Neil McPherson Campbell
1877-1878James H. Rice
1878-1881William Bethune McLeod
1881Joseph Malary
1881John William Campbell
1882Malcolm D. McLean
1883-1889John C. McSween
1889-1894John Alexander McLeod
1894-1898Marvel Manning
1898-1909John William Campbell
1909-1916J. Murdock Bell
1916-1917Jefferson Ballow (Ballou) Cawthon
1917-1933Thaddeus “Thad” Bell, Sr.
1933-1937Monroe H. Prescott
1937-1938Daniel “Dorie” Clayton Adkison
1938 Celia Jernigan Adkinson (Mrs. D. C. Adkison)
1939-1941Monroe H. Prescott
1941-1942Robert E. Gatlin
1942-1945Theron Aubrey McDonald
1945-1953Curtis Ralph Miller
1953-1957Theron Aubrey McDonald
1957-1961Curtis Ralph Miller
1961-1970Thomas Howard “Andy” Anderson
1970Ethlyn McDuffie Anderson (Mrs. T. H. Anderson)
1970-1977Lehman Shelby “Sam” Campbell
1977-1980Jessie Aubrey Carter, Sr.
1981-2000Quinn Arlen McMillan
2001-2008Ralph L. Johnson
2009-presentMichael A. Adkinson, Jr.
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