R.E.L. and Florence McCaskill

Robert E. Lee McCaskill (1871–1946) was a wealthy land developer and timber tycoon who inherited vast land holdings from the estate of his father, John Jett McCaskill. Robert McCaskill’s promotional booklet, “The Road to Health, Happiness and Prosperity,” interlaced facts and photographs with folksy prose designed to lure farmers and… Continue reading

Wallace Bruce

In one of her “Bits and Pieces of Walton County History” columns, Anna Reardon wrote: “Wallace Bruce was born in Hillsdale, N.Y. on January 10, 1844. He was well-educated, graduating with honors from Yale University about 1868. . . . He married Anna Becker of Scodak Depot, N.Y. about 1870…. Continue reading

Robert Edward Lee McCaskill

The study of the career and accomplishments of a successful man is full of educational value, especially when such an individual has achieved tangible and practical results. A record of the accomplishments of some men in the brief span of their life’s period reads like romance. Without knowledge of attending… Continue reading