Stuart Knox Gillis

Stuart Knox  Gillis, seventh son and eleventh child of John and Christian McIntosh Gillis, was born at  Knox  Hill, Walton County, Florida on  July 28, 1866. He,  like his older brothers, attended school at the Old Knox  Hill Academy. As did many of his Gillis kin, Knox  Gillis taught school in his younger… Continue reading

Murdock and Minerva McQuagge

Murdock Gillis McQuagge (1843-1930) and his wife, Minerva Gainer McQuagge (1888-1952), were the parents of nine children, including Duncan Gillis McQuagge, the Bay County Tax Assessor from 1932 until 1952. Murdock’s father, Norman Daniel McQuagge, moved to Florida from North Carolina in the 1830s and settled in Walton County. Murdock… Continue reading

Angus G. Campbell

To interpret the law properly in all its complexities and unerringly to apply its provisions to establish human rights and defeat injustice demands such a comprehensive knowledge not only of books but of life itself that he who reaches a high plane in this profession must command more than negative… Continue reading

Alexander Ray Campbell

During a period of thirty-five years Hon. Alexander R. Campbell, of DeFuniak Springs, has been before the people of his community in one or another public capacity, and as the incumbent of various public positions has discharged competently every trust reposed in him. Since 1917 he has occupied the position… Continue reading

Donald Stuart Gillis

During the past several generations there have been few wholesome movements on foot in Walton County, for economic and intellectual development, that have not commanded the support of one or more members of the Gillis family. These men have always been noted for the firm grasp they have maintained on… Continue reading

812 Circle Drive, DeFuniak Springs

An advertisement appeared in the DeFuniak Springs Herald on August 24, 2017, congratulating “Alex Alexander, sales associate with Naylor Realty & Associates, on the sale of the home located at 812 Circle Drive.” The ad continued: “The new owner plans to do a total restoration on one of the most… Continue reading