William Franklin Jones

Among the officials of Walton County who are standing boldly for clean government and whose discharge of the responsibilities and duties of their offices have been characterized by faithfulness and expedition, one who has won popular approval, well-merited, is William Franklin Jones, of DeFuniak Springs, county tax collector. Mr. Jones has… Continue reading

Angus G. Campbell

To interpret the law properly in all its complexities and unerringly to apply its provisions to establish human rights and defeat injustice demands such a comprehensive knowledge not only of books but of life itself that he who reaches a high plane in this profession must command more than negative… Continue reading

William W. Flournoy

While it is erroneous to state that faithful public service always meets with due appreciation and reward, there are some cases in which those who give to their constituents and their interests the care and attention they would bestow upon private affairs, receive appropriate honors. It is well for a community when… Continue reading

Robert Edward Lee McCaskill

The study of the career and accomplishments of a successful man is full of educational value, especially when such an individual has achieved tangible and practical results. A record of the accomplishments of some men in the brief span of their life’s period reads like romance. Without knowledge of attending… Continue reading

Charles Braxton McKinnon, M.D.

Among the more distinguished physicians and surgeons of Walton County, who have established a reputation for ability and integrity, none are more worthy of attention than Dr. Charles B. McKinnon, of DeFuniak Springs. He has not only achieved honorable success in his profession, but has gained distinction in public and… Continue reading

Donald Stuart Gillis

During the past several generations there have been few wholesome movements on foot in Walton County, for economic and intellectual development, that have not commanded the support of one or more members of the Gillis family. These men have always been noted for the firm grasp they have maintained on… Continue reading

Rosenwald Schools in Walton County, Florida

Booker T. Washington of the Tuskegee Institute and Julius Rosenwald, philanthropist and president of Sears Roebuck, built state-of-the art schools for African- American children across the South. The effort has been called the most important initiative to advance black education in the early 20th century. Attending a Rosenwald School put… Continue reading

The Honeymoon Route to the Gulf

On July 6, 2011, the following item appeared in The Breeze newspaper, which was published in DeFuniak Springs: The following telegram which was sent to the DeFuniak delegates at Moultrie last Friday created no little amusement when read by Mr. Storrs, in his argument before the committee: “All the world… Continue reading