Walton County Sheriffs

The following list is from Victor Silvestri’s excellent publication, Encyclopedia of Florida Sheriffs, which is available from the Walton County Heritage Museum Gift Shop. The two-volume set has biographies of every sheriff who served in Florida from 1821 until 2008. Four Walton County Sheriffs died while in office: J. Murdock… Continue reading

Stuart Knox Gillis

Stuart Knox  Gillis, seventh son and eleventh child of John and Christian McIntosh Gillis, was born at  Knox  Hill, Walton County, Florida on  July 28, 1866. He,  like his older brothers, attended school at the Old Knox  Hill Academy. As did many of his Gillis kin, Knox  Gillis taught school in his younger… Continue reading

Murdock and Minerva McQuagge

Murdock Gillis McQuagge (1843-1930) and his wife, Minerva Gainer McQuagge (1888-1952), were the parents of nine children, including Duncan Gillis McQuagge, the Bay County Tax Assessor from 1932 until 1952. Murdock’s father, Norman Daniel McQuagge, moved to Florida from North Carolina in the 1830s and settled in Walton County. Murdock… Continue reading