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The DeFuniak Herald – November 1944 – Obituaries & births

1944 Nov 16:   Jesse Melvin Childers, the young son of Mr & Mrs J A Childers died at the family home

Tuesday night Nov 7 after a brief illness of diphtheria. Services were Wednesday after-

Noon at the home.  The little daughter of the family is also quite ill with same disease.


Mr  Maynard M Bannister died unexpected Monday morning at his home.   The Bannister

Family came here from Florala, Ala many years ago.  Services were held at family home, with

interment at Magnolia.  Surviving family include the widow and 2 daughters Mrs Lura

White and Miss Thelma  Bannister, son Ray M Bannister and 2 gr sons Maynard & Fred

White, and the little son of Mr & Mrs Ray Bannister; sisters Mrs E M Lee, and Mrs O L



Mrs Sherman Hutto was found dead last Monday with her head in a small spring of water,

near her home.  Mrs Hutto was a victim of epilepsy and it is presumed she had an attack

and fell into the spring.


Lakeside Clinic

  •             T/Sgt & Mrs H W Alford, son Nov 8
  •             Mr & Mrs Willie Drake, girl Nov 13


1944 Nov 23:   P W Smith, died at his home on the Freeport road early Monday morning. Services were

held at the home Tuesday, interment in Magnolia Cemetery.   Percy W Smith was born in

Booneville, Mo on Mar 21 1869.  He spent his boyhood day in Lamar Mo, going from there

to Tyndall, S D from which place he moved to Walton Co arriving here on Thanksgiving day

in 1901.  Survivors include widow, 3 sons Lewis T, Hugh P & Kenneth R Smith; 2 daughters

Mrs Anna Hollingsworth and Mrs Maxwell Master; one sister, Mrs W P Finks of Mo.


Contributed by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – July 13, 1944 – Obituaries, marriages, & births

1944 July 13–  Miss Mary Carolyn Walden, d/o Mrs Rubye Holland Walden and the late Thalmer Marion Walden married  Sgt Charles King, Jr mar Jul 11 1944.  (picture & long article)


Paul McDaniel, son of Mrs & Mrs John McDaniel died of a ruptured appendix at Florala hospital. A Card of thanks noted.


Odelle Danley d/o Mr & Mrs M D Danley married James Elton Kennedy July 8, 1944.


Lakeside Clinic

  •             Mr & Mrs Ralph Rushing, girl Jul 5
  •             Lt & Mrs A N Dawson, girl Jul 5
  •             Mr & Mrs Floyd Kemp, son Jul 6
  •             Mr & Mrs J D Lane, girl Jul 6
  •             Mr & Mrs Walter Eyestone, son Jul 6
  •             Mr & Mrs Victor Hall, son Jul 6
  •             Sgt & Mrs J L Matthews son, Jul 8
  •             Mr & Mrs Athern Hart, girl Jul 9
  •             Mr & Mrs Andrew Bryant, son Jul 8
  •             Sgt & Mrs Raymond Dilley, son Jul 10
  •             Mr & Mrs H N Infinger, son Jul 12


Contributed by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – February 1943 – Obituaries + birth announcement

1943 Feb 11 – Mrs Eliza Brown Caswell of Freeport, Fla passed away at the home of her daughter,

Mrs. Hubert Hightower at Panama City, on Thursday February 4th. Mrs Caswell 82 yrs,

Was brought here to the home of a son Mr Ira Brown and services were conducted

Friday at Steel Church cemetery and burial there.  The deceased is survived by 2

aaughters Mrs Hubert Hightower and Mrs Texie Thomason of Freeport, and 2 sons,

Ira Brown of DeFuniak, and H B Brown of Freeport. Two sisters Mrs Anna Crawford

and Mrs Sarah Sconiers; two brothers A L Spencer & John Spencer.


Mr E L Gomillion died at his home at Red Bay Tuesday, February 2. Services were con-

ducted Wednesday. Mr Gormillion was 90 yrs at time of his death.


Mr Allen W McCullough passed away at his home in North Walton Monday February 1.

Services were conducted Wednesday followed by burial in Gum Creek cemetery.  Mr.

McCullough, a native of Elba Ala was 77 yrs of age at time of his death.


Miss Effie Carmichael passed away at Point Washington, Florida, February 4th. Services

Were held at Point Washington cemetery February 5th.


Everitt Yates of King Drug Store received a message last Thursday anounncing the death of

His brother Kenneth Yates of  US Marine Corps in the Pacific war area.  Kenneth Yates 22 yrs.

Enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1942 from Bonifay, Fla his home town. Letters from Kenneth

Have been received since the official notice, one written after the date officials say he died.

The family are hoping there was a mixup.


BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT:  Dr & Mrs E L Towsend were happy on Saturday on receipt of news they were grandparents.

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT #2:   Mr & Mrs Henry Towsend announce the birth of Ralph Evans on Feb 6th at Arlington,



Contributed by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – December 26, 1912 – Page 1


Newspaper: The DeFuniak Herald



Born – Last Thursday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Gordon, a daughter.

—The DeFuniak Herald, Dec 26, 1912; Page 1.



Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – December 21, 1911 – Page 1

(NICEVILLE) Born: To Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Johnson, a fine boy. Mr. Johnson wears a broader smile than ever.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – December 7, 1911 – Page 1

(PLEASANT HILL) A fine boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Arnett last Friday morning.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – November 30, 1911 – Page 5

Dr. Harley Cawthon wears a broader smile than he did when he was appointed Major of the 3rd Battalion, for he now bears the prouder title of daddy, a son being born to he and Mrs. Cawthon on Tuesday morning (Nov 28, 1911).


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – November 23, 1911 – Page 1

(LOCAL ITEM) There is a very junior member of one of our leading law firms now, the addition being the boy that came to Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Campbell’s last Saturday (Nov 18, 1911). Gus says that he will bring the youngster up to a due appreciation of the responsibilities of his position.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – October 19, 1911 – Page 5

Born on last Thursday night (Oct 5, 1911) to Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Campbell, a son.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – October 5, 1911 – Page 5

McCaskill Baby Born
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McCaskill Jr. are the proud parents of a baby daughter that came to bless their home last Wednesday night (Sep 27, 1911).


Contributed by Michael Strickland