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Newspaper Archives!

A collection of DeFuniak Herald and Breeze newspapers on 16 mm film is available for viewing at the Walton County Heritage Museum. The collection includes newspapers from 15 July 1909 through 14 March 1912 and from 1 January 1914 through 30 December 1915 as well as more recent papers from the 1990s.

This database contains excerpts from some Breeze newspapers from April 1910 through November 1947 and excerpts from some DeFunak Herald newspapers from February 1911 through August 1946. You can use the search tool to begin your exploration, or you may prefer to select a category or tag. To locate a name quickly within an entry, use the “Find” tool for your browser.

Those who contributed articles to this database are noted when known, and we thank them for sharing their research. We especially thank Emily Petroskey and Sarah Capps for their hard work in posting many items to this database.

Bound copies of both newspapers for the years 1910 through 1990 are available at the Clerk of Court’s office in the Walton County Courthouse in DeFuniak Springs. You may also want to check The Heritage Collection for other sources.

If you have questions or want to contribute to these archives, please contact Diane Merkel.