The DeFuniak Herald – March 1916 – Obituaries

March 1916 Obituaries


1916 March 2– Judge W F Parish, county judge of Walton died in this city last Sunday night abt 12 o’clock.

Services held Tuesday with burial at DeFuniak cemetery.


1916 March 9– Mrs Margaret Campbell of this city died at home of her daughter Mrs Wesley Jones last

Saturday. Body was taken to family burying ground at Euchee Valley where it was laid to

rest last Sunday.


Compiled by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – February 1916 – Obituaries

February 1916 Obituaries


1916 Feb 10–  Miss Mary Wooten (Lead says Mrs Mary Wooten) died Monday at her home near Glendale,,

leaving a large family connection and friends to mourn her death.


1916 February–  Rev. A C S Smythe, rector of the St Agatha Episcopal Church of our city, died Monday night

at the family residence.   He contacted a cold several weeks ago while at Santa Rosa, where

he was rector.  The funeral occurred yesterday, with burial at the city cemetery.  Dr Symthe

leaves a widow, 3 sons and other relatives.  He was a native of Philadelphia.


1916 February– Mrs Mary Elizabeth Flournoy died at her home in this city last Thursday at the age of 82 yrs

and 2 months. Services held and burial in Valley cemetery Friday afternoon.   Mrs Flournoy

having outlived her husband and 5 of her children. Survivoring children are T J Flournoy,

Mrs S P McCaskill of Rising Star, Texas, Mrs Fannie Gavia, John F, Mrs John Chisholm and

Mayor W W Flournoy all of Fla.


Contributed by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – October 1915 – Obituaries

October 1915 Obituaries


1915 Oct 28– Card of Thanks: To the many friends who assisted and sympathized with us in our

Bereavement during the illness and death of our beloved mother, sister and brother, we

give our sincerest thanks.  W C Bishop & Family, Wright’s Fla.


Card of Thanks: We desire to render thanks to our good neighbors and friends for the

sympathy so liberally expressed in loving words helpful deeds and beautiful flowers.

Clara Dreyer, William Dreyer, Defuniak Springs, Fl, Oct 23 1915


1915 Oct. 22– Mrs Caroline Kuetzing, died Oct 22, aged 95 yrs, 3 mos & 5days.  The deceased came here

from Alice, Texas about 4 yrs ago, this being her third visit.  She was of German-Swiss descent,

home being in Switzerland before coming to America just after the civil war.  She was a member

of the Catholic church until her marriage. She was healed of cancer in 1894 thru the Christian

Science while residing in Toledo, Ohio and has been a believer in this fate ever since. Funeral

Services on Saturday at home of son in law, Mr Wm Dreyer.


1915 October–  Mrs W A Woodham died at Opp, last Thursday of heart disease. Survivors are her husband,

2 sons, A W & J W Woodham, 3 daughters Mrs J E Stanley, Mrs C L Coon, & Mrs J E

Sharp.  She was 63 yrs old.  (Andalusia Star)


Contributed by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – August 1915 – Obituaries

August 1915 Obituaries


1915 August 5– Bud Penton, injured on the Harbeson’s skidder last Tuesday, died Thursday and the

body was shipped to his home in Mississippi that night for burial. His mother came wednes-

day, but he did not recognize her.


1915 August 5–  Mr S M McEachern of Ponce de Leon on Sunday was taken ill with a servere headache,

for which he took patent headache tablets.  Getting no relief he took two aspririn tablets. Still

no relief so physician gave him a dose of morphine.  Soon after he dropped into a deep sleep,

it being impossible to rouse him from this stupor, he died Tuesday forenoon.


Compiled by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – March 1915 – Obituaries

March 1915 Obituaries


March 7, 1915–

Mr H O Swift, died on Mar 7 in Oberliz, Ohio.  He will be remembered as for many years a

winter visitor, making his winter home with Dr J N McLane.


March 26, 1915–

Card of Thanks: We desire to express our sincere thanks for the untiring efforts of the entire

Community in searching for the body of our brother Rufus Killingsworth, who was drown

March 26 and found April 2.  D A Killingsworth, J A Killingsworth, Lucas Killingsworth.

Deerland, Florida.


Compiled by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – Misc. 1915 Obituaries

Misc. Obituaries for the year 1915


1915–  Sam H Hightower, died Saturday at his home south of Vernon after illness. Burial Sunday under

auspices of the W O W.  Survivors are widow, 4 children and other relatives. (Chipley Verdict)


1915– Col. T T Wright, one of the founders of DeFuniak died at his home in Nashville Saturday. He

built the home now occupied by W L Cawthon, which our older citizens has always known as

the Wright cottages.


1915– Mr Killingsworth’s body found Saturday about a half mile below where he was presumed to

have been drown.  No evidence of foul play and jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Dr Simmons said there was nothing to the rumors of show wounds in the body.  A beer bottle

2/3’s full of rum was in the man’s pocket.


1915–  Lizzie Henderson, 13 yr old daughter of Mr & Mrs J F Henderson died Wednesday at the family

residence and she was buried on Thursday.  The family went to country home to spend the

night, but two members of family were taken sick. The next day Mr Henderson was stricken

and his condition was regarded as serious.


Compiled by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – February 1915 – Obituaries

February Obituaries for the year 1915



1915 Feb 25 Miss Catherine Gordon, on Feb 14 1915 at the residence of C C Macdonald in Santa

Rosa, Catherine Gordon, of Wick, Scotland, graudate of West Sussex Hospital, England,

after a prolonged illness was called to her final reward. While in Canada she was Lady

Superintendent of the Sanitarium at St Agathe Des Nonte in Quebec.


Mrs D D Wise express our warmest thanks to the people of this community and surrounding

neighborhood for kindness durin the long continue illness and death of Mr D D Wise.


Mr W A McCrimmon, “Uncle Aleck” as he was best know to his many friends passed away

at the Bay Hotel the first of the week, at age 62. Survived by 2 sons, John & James who

accompanied the remains to his old home near Birmingham where other departed members

of his family are buried.  (Panama City Pilot)


Compiled by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson

The DeFuniak Herald – January 15, 1914 – Obituaries

Contributed by Emily Petroskey



  • Deaths (5)
    • Mrs. M. Banfill
      • DeFuniak Resident
      • Died yesterday
      • Funeral will be held at 10:00 AM this morning at the Presbyterian Church
    • Father Hinton
      • Spent winter here 2 years ago with his son and daughter, stayed with Mr. & Mrs. George F. Carden
      • Died Saturday at home in Marianna at about age 90
      • Body passed through DeFuniak en route to his old home in South Dakota
    • Mr. John C. Page
      • From Sherman, NY
      • Spent past several winters in DeFuniak with wife, Mrs. Page
      • Died last Sunday at the home of Mrs. Sue Gillis from an attack of heart trouble, had a history of slight attacks prior to coming south
      • Body carried to Sherman for interment

The Breeze – September 7, 1910 – Page 5



John I. Hulse, a nephew of the late Dr. Landrum, and a former resident of DeFuniak, died at his home in New Orleans last Sunday (Sept 2, 1911).

R. C. Wood, and old time resident of DeFuniak, and well-known to all of our older citizens died at his home in Dalonega, Ga., the 24th of August. A nephew of his was here last week looking after some matters connected with the estate of the deceased.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – February 16, 1911 – Pages 1, 4, & 8



INFANT ERVIN: (page 1) The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Ervin on Saturday morning (February 11, 1911), taking away their little girl, Fannie. The body was laid to rest on Sunday morning. The Rev. Stock preached the funeral.


INFANT HINLEY: (page 1) The infant babe of W.M. and Mrs. Addie Hinley died Monday (February 13, 1911) was laid to rest on Monday afternoon in the Gum Creek Cemetery. Our deepest sympathy is mutually extended to the bereaved parents, whose loss we feel sure is heaven’s gain.



Resolutions of Respect

At a meeting of the Ladies Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church last Monday afternoon, the following resolutions were adopted.

  1. The Ladies Home and Foreign Missionary Society is called upon again to mourn the loss of a beloved and useful member, in the passing away of Mrs. Daniel Gillis.
  2. Mrs. Gillis was preeminently a woman of the Home, where as wife and mother, she was a model for imitation, and she was a most faithful member of the Church: in her place at all meetings, when possible and fully in sympathy with the services at God’s House. And this is true of her, as a member of our society, in the work of which she will always have manifested the liveliest interest.
  3. She will be greatly missed by us. Her loss enlarges the void made in our ranks by the loss of the other 2 noble women, so recently called to go up higher.
  4. We will not forget her attractive and strong personality, her gracious and cheerful Christian bearing, and her consistent piety. We call on ourselves to follow her “conversation”, remembering that our Lord can be the same to us that He was to her.
  5. We enter upon our record, also the deep sympathy which we feel for the bereaved household, and ask of God that her prayers in their behalf may continue to be answered.
  6. It is ordered that this action be communicated to the afflicted household and children.

Mrs. W.m. W. Flournoy, Caroline S. Walden – Committee



R.T. Wester, a brother of City Marshal Wester, was shot and instantly killed by 2 men named Mathis near his home in Jackson County last week under circumstances particularly atrocious.

From the evidence given at the inquest, it seems that Wester was passing the home of the younger Mathis, who was his son-in-law, on his way home from Grand Ridge, when the murderers hailed him from the home of the elder Mathis, and he turned and went back to see what they wanted, and had entered the yard when the younger Mathis shot him from the inside of the house, and the elder came around from behind the house and fired the second shot at him, and then beat him over the head with the gun.

Both of the Mathises were arrested and remanded to jail without bail.


Contributed by Michael Strickland