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The Breeze – March 28, 1912 – Political announcements


This is a heavily political edition and the names of candidates are the same as in past issues and will not be reentered. A copy of the paper may be seen at the DeFuniak Springs Court House. Ed.


Voting Precincts Inspectors and Clerks

  • No. 1 – Peter McDonald, CA Campbell, Norman Gillis, Alvin Gillis, clerk
  • 2 – LE Laird, JR McLean, JD Anderson, Herman Bludworth, cleark
  • 3 – WF Gressette, Dan Butts, Arch Anderson, JA Neal, clerk
  • 4 – WJ Miles, KW Johnson, WD Truitt, DD Laird, clerk
  • 5 – JM Fountain, DW Parker, CV Savage, AI Hill, clerk
  • 6 – James Baggett, Bud Howard, JW Carter, James Clary, clerk
  • 7 – JW McSwain, WH Swenie (sic), TA McCallum, AllenL Hart, clerk
  • 8 – Marian Johnson, Josiah Howell, Chas. Infinger, eorge Gainey, clerk
  • 9 – SS Spence, Warren Armstrong, BH Sutton, BP Edge, clerk
  • 10 – JJ Kelley, Frank Thomason, H Jernigan, SS Kelly, clerk
  • 11 – HR Evans, EV Infinger, WT Morris, Wm J Wahl, clerk
  • 12 – JA McDonald, WE Grice, DL Anderson, OB Vaughn, clerk
  • 13 – Chas. Simmons, Carter Ward, Lawrence Silcox, JJ Ward, clerk
  • 14 – Wm Walden, BP Morris, John W McLeod, MT King, clerk
  • 15 – ME Savage, JW Edge, Sr., AH Alford, JD Colt, clerk
  • 16 – WR Kennington, SE Stephens, FM Turner, Geo. W Keen, clerk
  • 17 – CH Powell, DL Colvin, GD Adams, WJ Daughtry, clerk
  • 18 – JC Steele, RR Fountain, LLFolmer, AD Campbell, clerk
  • 19 – A Moore, John Moore, John A Campbell, DP Vaughn, clerk
  • 20 – PM Wilkerson, RW Parish, Calvin Prescott, LaFayette Preacher, clerk
  • 21 — JC McSween, Chairman; EH Miller, Secretary

Sunday Meeting of the Graves Association with same people mentioned as last week, appears again


District Registration Officers

Knox Hill, MP Rushing; Eucheeanna, JD Anderson; Sandy Creek, JW Henderson; Darlington, DD Laird; McDade’s Pond, BF Cockcroft at Paxton; Yelow (sic) River, WC Campbell; Shoal River, WA McCallum; Alaqua, Mack Trotman; Boggy, BP Edge; Portland, Henry Jernigan; Freeport, AD Mayo; Mosy (sic) Bend, WH Kennington; Bruce, JJ Ward; Crestview, JA Richbourg; Ealum, DL Colvin; Gaskin, HJ Henderson; Laurel Hill, RJ Hart; Moores, AA McLean


Application for Pardon

Henry McKnight convicted for murder, William C Hodges Atty. For Petitioner


Notice of Dissolution

Meigs Bros: JJ & WF Meigs


Circuit Court

Deborah Thomasson, et al, Complainants vs. Frances Hilton, of Newton, Dale Co., AL,  et al, Defendants. [No reason mentioned] Chas. H Gordon, Clk. Cir. Ct.; Miles Warren, Deputy Clk.; WW Clark, Atty. Complainant


Notice of Master’s Sale

Fourth notice  –  Five acres to be sold to satisfy verdict in case of John H. Givens vs. John & Connie Buford, 1 April 1912; WD McLean, Special Master; Daniel Campbell & Son, Attys. for plaintiff


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler