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The Breeze – December 7, 1911 – Page 5

John Hinote was here Monday for the first time since he had the misfortune to get his leg broken.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]

The Breeze – August 25, 1910 – Page 1

As the result of an accident which occurred Tuesday morning about ten o’clock near Mossyhead, and which resulted in the instant death of a man by the name of Shelly and John Hulion who died about four hours after the accident and two more who received injuries, one of which was a man by the name of Harlow, who was firing at the time was badly burned and the other was John Hinote, who received a broken thigh and other injuries and who was sent to Pensacola that evening for treatment. How the accident occurred is at present not known, but the explosion was of such force that it was heard for miles around. Dr. Simmons and Dr. McKinnon left here for the scene as soon as the news reached this place and immediately attended the injured.

Up to the time of going to press no other particulars can be learned though an effort has been made by us to do so. We understand that the mill was the property of Chas. Mitchell, John Hinote and Will Fowler, all of whom like those receiving the injuries being well known in this section.

There was a large crew of men at work when the explosion occurred and it is a wonder that more were not seriously injured. The boiler is a total wreck, both ends of it being blown out.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]