The Breeze – February 1, 1912 – Local notes

Local Notes

  • Col. Flournoy went to Milton on business, Monday.
  • Will Hall will plant six acres of cane on his Alaqua property this year.
  • Clayton Standen was called here by the serious illness of his mother.
  • Rev SJ Catts reported Sunday night on his visit to the Baptist State Convention in Ocala last week.
  • Road Superintendent Christian surveyed the Freeport road in preparation for starting work there next week.
  • LJ Reeves and JW Kehoe, prominent attorneys of Pensacola, were here Tuesday.
  • WCTU Meeting on Saturday, Feb. 3 at home of Mrs. Manning.
  • JR Dasher, the Point Washington turpentine man, was in town on Monday.
  • Mr. Chas. Crehore of Elyria, Ohio is spending the week here with his family.
  • SW Locke, a Crestview merchant, was here on business, Monday.
  • Wallace Campbell visited friends and family here last week.
  • Mrs. May has gone to her home in Louisville for a short visit.
  • Dr. EP Rose was here on business this week.
  • There will be preaching at the Universalist church on Sunday.
  • The One Price Cash House has purchased the business of JE West in Ponce de Leon and will run it as a branch of their business here.
  • Phillips, the convict guard, convicted of assaulting another guard, begins serving his term after appeal failed.
  • Mrs. RW Storrs in Pensacola, yesterday.
  • Chester Beard was here from Mossy Head, Tuesday.
  • Mrs. Chas. Murray, Sr.’s health continues to improve.
  • Mrs. JC Scott is spending the winter in Glendale, Cal.
  • PD Edmunds, of the Forest Service, has moved back here.
  • Mr AC Bailey sold his place west of town to Mr. Sellars, who is in the turpentine business in Niceville.
  • WL Cawthon, WF Meigs, EV Madermach and others shot almost 100 doves at HA Jones’ chufa field, last Thursday, WL being the high gunner with 31 kills.
  • Margaret (Leonard) Evans of Cleveland sent friends here a picture of her new bouncing baby boy.
  • Mrs. John Standen is very ill at the home of Mr. Reisinger on the south side of town; her daughter, Mrs. DP Miller, and Mrs. Sanford of Loraine, Ohio were summoned here.
  • Will Croft will go to New York mid-month to purchase spring stock for the OPCH.
  • M/M Martin Reisinger are here visiting their son George
  • Mrs. FM Royal of Clinton, NC is here visiting father, Rev. Thos. Chapman and sisters.
  • JS Johns of Athens, GA, official of Mutual Life Insur. Was here consulting with Dist. Mgr. JC Walden, Jr.
  • GB Campbell was down Dorcas way, Tuesday.
  • WF Meigs lost dog, offers $10 reward.
  • Mr. White will be here today to dig a well for the ice factory.
  • AE Gammage of the Santa Rosa Plantation Co. was here and told of ordering some big ditching equipment from Chicago.
  • Large article on Campaign Committee with many names included.


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

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