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The Breeze – February 8, 1912 – Obituary

In Memory of Jeannette McKinnon: Died 27 January. Laid to rest at the family burying ground in Euchee Valley. Services at the Presbyterian Church where she was consecrated worker. Lengthy tribute and poem by Laura Walker – no family details.


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

The Breeze – February 8, 1912 – General news





  • WB Miller was ill last week.
  • AL & NT Hart in Crestview on business, Saturday.
  • Hon. JH Richburgh (sic) of Crestview was here on official business, Saturday.
  • Dr. EP Webb, of Laurel Hill was here Friday to see WP Miller.
  • Allen L. Hart is being spoken of as possible candidate for Tax Assessor.



  • Gainer Destin and George Woodward of Destin are visiting here.
  • Arthur Brown went to Destin on Thursday.
  • GA Wilson of Miss., was here this week delivering pictures.
  • Mr. Butler and Goodwin of Freeport were here advertising the Carnival Sale the first of the week.
  • CL Ward was in Freeport on business the first of the week.
  • BH Sutton left Friday for Crestview on his way to Ga.
  • M/M Oliver Bayette and family moved from here to Alabama last Saturday.


The County Commissioners

  • Mr. Meigs was instructed to mark out the lateral roads to be contracted for.
  • Bids for building bridge over Seven Runs, 750 feet long, to be advertised.
  • $200 appropriated for Inland Water-ways work.
  • Jeanette McDonald was allowed $10 per month for maintenance; beginning the first of the month.
  • 4 more mules to be purchased for road work.
  • Pitch pine or cypress to be used for the culverts on Freeport; galvanized iron being too expensive.
  • The Herald was designated to print tax list.
  • Bills must henceforth be in the hands of the clerk by first of month.


Other notices

  • Dan N. Trotman posts Notice: Boys wishing to join the Boy’s Corn Club of Walton county; send in names as soon as possible to Supt. DN Trotman of DeFuniak Springs or Mr. JC Smith, Luanna, Fla. You will be sent pledge to sign and return. Meeting soon with JJ Vernon of Gainesville.
  • Ministerial Association formed: bi-monthly meetings will be held with all ministers in town. Mr. Chapman was only minister not attending as he was out of town. The Rev. Mr. Jones, Evangelist of the Christian Church was a welcome visitor at the meeting. “The hidden pool room, Sunday selling of soft drinks, candy, cigars, etc. and also the Sunday Post Office business.” Committees were formed on all these issues for further consideration at next regular meeting in 2 weeks.
  • Hotel Corporation formed: Company to buy Hotel Chautauqua. Kenneth Bruce and Mr. Gillis formed the organization with James A McLean as chairman of the meeting and Kenneth Bruce as secretary. McLean was elected President; DE Richardson, Vice-President; Kenneth Bruce, secretary; GB Campbell, Treasurer; JJ McCaskill, WL Cawthon, TM McConnell, WH Butler and MT King, Directors. Mr. Gillis was to prepare articles of incorporation.
  • Rev. Claude C. Jones of Jacksonville holds meetings at the Christian Church.
  • WA Underwood, of Glendale and Clerk Miller of Ealum were in town Monday.
  • Drawing of the proposed Supreme Court Building, Tallahassee, noting Senator Flournoy introduced the appropriation bill of $200,000.
  • Road work begins on Freeport road with county convicts working to prepare the right of way
  • Mr WS Sherill of Chicago was here “in the interest of the JW Butler Paper Co.”

School Honor Roll: “Following are the names of those who secured first and second class standing respectfully in the last examination at the public school.

  1. First Grade; Florance McGim, Nina Jenson
  2. Second Grade; Codie Reeves, Gladys Matthews
  3. Third Grade; Murrel Tarrance, Cuthill Tervin
  4. Fourth Grade; Elizabeth Cawthon, Ethel Work
  5. Fifth Grade; Gladys Storrs, (tied for second place) – Gladys Bludworth, Carolie Meigs
  6. Sixth Grade; (tied for first place) – Malena Murray, Leta Powell, Hazel Campbell
  7. Seventh Grade; Hugh Smith, Lee Work
  8. Eighth Grade; Addie McLean, Clifton Angle
  9. Ninth Grade; Emma Biddle, Irene McCallum
  10. Tenth Grade; McGourin Johnson, Harvey Biddle
  11. Eleventh Grade; Ashley Cawthon, Donna Jones
  12. Twelfth Grade; Ada Faircloth, Christian McDonald
  • H. Lindsey was in town.
  • J McCaskill went to Pensacola on business connected with the new company.
  • Rev. Mr. Jones holds revival at the Christian Church.
  • Rev. Dr. Bisbee, DD, editor of “The Universalist Leader” holds services at the Universalist Church.


Notice of Sheriff’s Sale:

On 4 March 1912, property in Crestview will be sold to settle case between the Pensacola Grocery and DP Powell. TJ Sapp was mentioned as well. JM Bell, Sheriff; Daniel Campbell & Son, Attorneys for the plaintiff.


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

The Breeze – February 8, 1912 – Advertisements



  • Murray’s
  • The First National Bank, DeFuniak Springs, Fla.
  • WL Cawthon, Banker, DeFuniak Springs
  • JL Edwards, Gen. Merchandise, Glendale
  • City Market, meats, HP Prescott, Prop.
  • Hartford Insurance, Chas. Murray, Jr.
  • Palmer College, DeFuniak Springs
  • Mutual Life Ins. Co, Campbell & Morrison, Agents
  • Buckeye Laundry, GA Reisinger, Prop.
  • Choctawhatchee Lumber Company, general merchandise, near Pt. Washington
  • Dr. JG Yates, Optician
  • OPCH (One Price Cash House), clothing & material, McCaskill Block, DeFuniak
  • Pensacola Mardi Gras
  • Red Ash Coal, RS Inge
  • Panama City Pilot: “West Florida in Emmett Wilson & WW Flournoy has presented two mighty strong opponents to DH Mays. Wagers are being made that the latter gentleman will not carry but two counties in the district.”


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

The Breeze – February 1, 1912 – Publication notices

Notices for Publication

  • Bids for road work again in paper.
  • Sheriff’s Sale – JS Scarborough vs. Gus Creamer, crops grown on Scarborough’s farm by Creamer to be auctioned off 4 March, 1912; JM Bell, Sheriff; SK Gillis Plaintiff’s Attorney.
  • Second notice – Nathan Cobb, Santa Rosa, makes final proof on Homestead #06638 for Lot 3 or W1/2 of SW ¼ Section 21 & W ½ of NW ¼, Section 24, T2S, R20W; Witnesses: Alex A Campbell, HG Waldrop, GR Stanley, LW Wells all of Santa Rosa, Fla.; Register, Henry S Chubb.
  • Napoleon B. Rushing, of Redbay, fourth notice on Timber and Stone claim.
  • Fourth notice for Minnie L. Rushing, of Redbay on Timber and Stone claim.
  • Second notice – William A Wooten, Union, Fla. To make final proof on Timber and Stone application for NE ¼ of NW ¼ Sec. 30, T4N, R18W.
  • Fourth notice – Special Masters Sale: GG Cosson, complainant; GW Keen, Jr. and wife Sallie, respondents; HL Grace, Sp. Master; WT Bludworth, Atty. For Comp.; Hon. J Emmett Wolfe, Judge – S ½ lot 95 & W ½ of south ½ lot 96 in Mossy Head; 5 Feb. 1912.
  • Second notice – Sheriff’s Sale – 5 Feb 1912 – Perry L. Biddle against Jim Barnett, sale of Lots 1 & 2 in block 4 sub-division in Defuniak; JM Bell, Sheriff.
  • Fourth notice – Gordon McDonald, convicted of false impersonation applies for conditional pardon (sentenced for one year in penitentiary 26 Aug 1911).
  • Fourth notice – Sheriff’s Sale: 8 November BB Barker, plaintiff; John Miller, def.; JM Bell to sell Miller’s 25 Bu. Corn, 1112 lb. seed cotton at Barker’s place.  Daniel Campbell And Son, Attys for Plaintiff.
  • Fourth notice – Sheriff’s Sale: Pensacola Grocery Co., Plaintiff vs DB Powell, Def., 5 Feb 1912, Blocks 25 & 29 in Woodruff’s addition to town of Crestview, Vankirk’s Plat; mortgage made by TJ Sapp for $220, recorded in Vol. 11, pg 274, 12 April 1911, Walton Co. Clerk’s Ofc.; JM Bell Sheriff; Daniel Campbell And Son, Attys for Plaintiff.
  • Third notice – Mark H. Senterfitt, Portland, Fla. – NE ¼, Sec. 24, T1N, R29W; Witnesses: from Portland, Warren Wright, Wade Wright, Josiah Howell, Thomas Cosson; Henry S. Chubb, Register.
  • Grazing permits for the Florida National Forest to be filed in Pensacola, before 12 Feb 1912 [this would be a good source, if one can find it, for family timelines]. I? Eldredge, Supervisor.
  • Second notice – Herman Bludworth to sell W ½ of the SW ¼ of Sec. 1?, T3N, R17W to settle estate of RP Bludworth.


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

The Breeze – February 1, 1912 – Political Announcements

Political Announcements

  • Emmett Wilson – Congress
  • Hon. John P Stokes of Pensacola announces for States Attorney; also C. Moreno Jones.
  • Wm. W Flournoy – Congress
  • WH Mapoles, editor of Laurel Hill News – Representative
  • C. Moreno Jones – State Attorney


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

The Breeze – February 1, 1912 – Local notes

Local Notes

  • Col. Flournoy went to Milton on business, Monday.
  • Will Hall will plant six acres of cane on his Alaqua property this year.
  • Clayton Standen was called here by the serious illness of his mother.
  • Rev SJ Catts reported Sunday night on his visit to the Baptist State Convention in Ocala last week.
  • Road Superintendent Christian surveyed the Freeport road in preparation for starting work there next week.
  • LJ Reeves and JW Kehoe, prominent attorneys of Pensacola, were here Tuesday.
  • WCTU Meeting on Saturday, Feb. 3 at home of Mrs. Manning.
  • JR Dasher, the Point Washington turpentine man, was in town on Monday.
  • Mr. Chas. Crehore of Elyria, Ohio is spending the week here with his family.
  • SW Locke, a Crestview merchant, was here on business, Monday.
  • Wallace Campbell visited friends and family here last week.
  • Mrs. May has gone to her home in Louisville for a short visit.
  • Dr. EP Rose was here on business this week.
  • There will be preaching at the Universalist church on Sunday.
  • The One Price Cash House has purchased the business of JE West in Ponce de Leon and will run it as a branch of their business here.
  • Phillips, the convict guard, convicted of assaulting another guard, begins serving his term after appeal failed.
  • Mrs. RW Storrs in Pensacola, yesterday.
  • Chester Beard was here from Mossy Head, Tuesday.
  • Mrs. Chas. Murray, Sr.’s health continues to improve.
  • Mrs. JC Scott is spending the winter in Glendale, Cal.
  • PD Edmunds, of the Forest Service, has moved back here.
  • Mr AC Bailey sold his place west of town to Mr. Sellars, who is in the turpentine business in Niceville.
  • WL Cawthon, WF Meigs, EV Madermach and others shot almost 100 doves at HA Jones’ chufa field, last Thursday, WL being the high gunner with 31 kills.
  • Margaret (Leonard) Evans of Cleveland sent friends here a picture of her new bouncing baby boy.
  • Mrs. John Standen is very ill at the home of Mr. Reisinger on the south side of town; her daughter, Mrs. DP Miller, and Mrs. Sanford of Loraine, Ohio were summoned here.
  • Will Croft will go to New York mid-month to purchase spring stock for the OPCH.
  • M/M Martin Reisinger are here visiting their son George
  • Mrs. FM Royal of Clinton, NC is here visiting father, Rev. Thos. Chapman and sisters.
  • JS Johns of Athens, GA, official of Mutual Life Insur. Was here consulting with Dist. Mgr. JC Walden, Jr.
  • GB Campbell was down Dorcas way, Tuesday.
  • WF Meigs lost dog, offers $10 reward.
  • Mr. White will be here today to dig a well for the ice factory.
  • AE Gammage of the Santa Rosa Plantation Co. was here and told of ordering some big ditching equipment from Chicago.
  • Large article on Campaign Committee with many names included.


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

The Breeze – February 1, 1912 – Advertisements




  • Furnished rooms; Mrs. Landrum’s, Live Oak Ave.
  • OPCH (One Price Cash House), clothing & material, McCaskill Block, DeFuniak
  • Palmer College, DeFuniak Springs
  • Empire Laundry, Douglass & McKinnon, agents
  • WL Cawthon, Banker, DeFuniak Springs
  • The Pure Food Store, Douglass & McKinnon
  • The First National Bank, DeFuniak Springs, Fla.
  • Sanitary Plumbing, Rudolph Rogers, DeFuniak Springs
  • Southern States Life Insur. Co., Burton B. Murray, General Agent, DeFuniak Springs
  • Circle Store, fresh groceries, shoes
  • Beach-Rogers & Co., lumber, shingles, paint
  • Buckeye Laundry, GA Reisinger, Prop.
  • Choctawhatchee Lumber Company, general merchandise, near Pt. Washington
  • Mutual Life Ins. Co, Campbell & Morrison, Agents
  • The Racket, shoes & clothing, WK Jennings, prop.
  • Pensacola Mardi Gras, Feb 18-20
  • Landrum’s Drug Store
  • City Pressing Club, James Horne, Prop.
  • Murray’s
  • The New Grocery, John M. Laird & Co.
  • DH Simmons, MD, Phys, Surgeon, DeFuniak Drug Co.
  • Dr. JD Rayborn, Phys, Surgeon, Rooms 12 & 14 McCaskill Block
  • Dr. H Cawthon, dentist, Ofc in McCaskill Block, DeFuniak Springs
  • WT Bludworth, Atty. 6th Street
  • HE Wickersham, Funeral Director, Licensed Embalmer, DeFuniak Springs
  • Dr. CB McKinnon, Phys, Surgeon


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler