The Breeze – May 30, 1912 – Political announcements




Notice of Special Master’s Sale [This bankruptcy is connected with that of the Boggy Mill and has several notices in the paper which should be read in their entirety by anyone with ties to EV Crawford, wife Kate or any of the names listed below.]

Lands to be sold 1 July to satisfy Bankruptcy of Consolidated Land & Lumber and TL Grant, Trustee; on section of which is known as the KT Whitmire land; another has a 20-year lease to Garnier’s Naval Stores Co. for Turpentine still quarters; Mill and fixtures on Boggy Bayou, bought of Mr. Eden; fixtures from Boggy Mill Co. & gasoline Launch “Marie;” D Stuart Gillis, Special Master; WW Flournoy, Atty. For Plaintiff [portions of this sale describing other lands lie on other pages of this newspaper and are of much interest to those studying the history of the area]. Others named in the suit are SS Spence and Mary his wife, DP McKenzie and Louise his wife, EV Crawford and Kate his wife of Boggy Mill Corp. & WK Hyer, Jr. Trustee and TL Gaunt, Trustee in Bankruptcy for Consolidated Land & Lumber


Notice of Special Master’s Sale

Foreclosure in favor of RM Cary against AD Morrison & wife, Flora C., ME Clark trustee, MM Morrison & Chrissie his wife and AD Morrison guardian for MM Morrison. Sale to be held first Monday in July 1912; AG Campbell Special Master; Blount, Blount & Carter Attys for Plaintiff


Notice of Special Master’s Sale

JB Jenkins & TH Earley partners vs. JA McGowan; McGowan’s items to be sold 1 July; D Stuart Gillis Spec. Master; Campbell & Son Atty for Complainant.


Town Tax Sale [Properties are described, so one may find out the probability of where they lived; also, as many women are named, one may find that they have recently become widows. Reading the original may be helpful, Ed.]

The following people owe taxes and properties will be sold if they are not paid by 1 July 1912:

1911 taxes -Mrs. E Shugart, FQ Tervin, Mrs. VV Chaffin, Mrs SE Cummings, AI Seckart, Mrs. MC Shields, Mrs ME Barnes, Mrs. EL Penn, WO Sheppard, LE Tappan, EPMader, HW Thomas, W L Adams, John McLeod, Presbyterian Church, LG Tappan, Mary McRae, Con. Naval Stores, Mrs. Ella Burk, Mrs Sharah (sic) Sheldon, Ellis White, Robt. Brunson, Wm. Wright, AP Martin, RH Adams, John H Lairs, Bert Powell, WA Winslett, Bert Powell, Robt. Brinson, Lula Wilson, Walton Land & Lumber Co., F Roulach, Emma McRae, F Richardson, Harvey Wimes, AJ Wadkins, JD Grider, WH Wilson, ??  Steele, Eva Young, Cary Jones, Wilkerson & Henderson, C Gipson, CE Campbell, ?? Gray, GW Merchant, West Fla. Fair Assoc., Mrs. WS Teas, West Fla Chautauqua Assoc., Henry Watson, IF Crenshaw, JE McBroom, Dr. HW Thomas, RP Bludworth, Fannie Manning, John Little, Mrs. N Sowell, Jane Smith, Geo. W Ward, Geo W Davis, WW Flournoy, JW Campbell, Medora Monroe, OM Stanley, Chas Crawford, JO Bradshaw


1910 – VV Thomas, Mrs. MC Shields, HW Thomas, DW Burke, JR Wilson, GC Dreyer, Sarah Shields, John H Laird, Robt. Brinson, Lizzie Harrison, F Rowlach, F Richardson, MA Warren, Henry Wilkerson,Sarah Gray, West Fla. Fair Assoc., Amanda Green, WL Smith, MW Thomas, AG Douglass, Fannie Manning, RG Stewart, RH Dryer, LM Hoyt, JW Fahmholtz, SG Smith, Catherine Woodward, Geo McQuilla, Geo W Davis, Palmer College, Medera Monroe, NL McLeod, Mrs. HW Thomas


1909 – FQ Tervin, Mrs Margaret Shugart, Adams Bros., MC Shields, RW Storrs, WT May, WL Adams, Episcopal Church, Mrs. Sarah Stallings, Frank Evans, AP Martin, DeFuniak Telephone Co.,  WF McCormack, MTW Cawthon, Robt. Brinson, Jno. H Laird, F Richardson, F Rolack, Emma McRae, CF Turner, JD Grider, LK Jackson, West Fla. Fair Assoc., Mrs. WS Teas, Mrs. Jessie Miller, Amanda Green, WL Smith, Lucious Hubbard, RP Bludworth, Henry Taylor, JB Morrison, Fannie Manning, AG Stuart, WL McNeal, Davis & Rose, LN Hoyt, Catherine Woodward, James Mowatt, Hattie N Richfield, Geo W Davis, WW Flournoy, Medora Monroe, JT Stubbs, HW Thomas, Geo McQuilla.

ED Wesrter, Tax Collector The Town of DeFuniak Springs.


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

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