The DeFuniak Herald – February 5, 1914 – Page 3

Local News Items: Social and Personal Notes of Local Interest

  • Rev. D. F. Slaughter of Ozark, Ala., was in the city Monday shaking hands with old friends who are always glad to see his genial face.
  • Mrs. Ceal and son, of Birmingham, Ala., who have been here visiting her sister, Mrs. Geo. Davis, left for Jacksonville last Sunday night.
  • Mr. D. E. Richardson returned from Jacksonville last Friday where he had been to attend the Re Union.
  • Mrs. J. C. Walden Sr. was over from Andalusia, Ala., the first of the week to visit home folks.
  • Mrs. Dear left for Miss. last Friday. Mrs. Dear has a host of friends here who hope to see her again soon.
  • Mr. Wm. L. Campbell, of Bruce, was in the city the first of the week.
  • Mr. Pink Ward, of Red Bay, is in the city this week, much to the joy of his many friends here.
  • Mr. Patterson of Atmore, Ala., who has been here visiting his sister, Mrs. Kenneth Bruce, returned to his home last Sunday.
  • Mrs. Lancelot Hughes and daughter, who have been here visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. G. P. Morris, left for their home in Ponce de Leon last Friday.
  • Mrs. Seyfrit who has been here visiting her daughter, Mrs. Geo Davis, left for Bonifay last Tuesday.
  • Mr. J. C. Ward, of Union, was in our city last Friday on business.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Davis and daughter of Deerland were in our city last Saturday visiting friends.
  • Mr. J. M. Wilson and family attended preaching at Gum Creek last Sunday.
  • Rev. and Mrs. Buttrum of Freeport passed through our city last Friday enroute home after a visit to various cities in the county.
  • Miss Ruby Cawthon and brother Mr. Lewis visited Gum Creek last Sunday.
  • Mr. Amos Lewis of Marianna was in the city the first of the week.
  • Mr. Frank attended church at Gum Creek last Sunday.
  • Mr. Walker Green of Argyle was in our city last Friday and made a pleasant call at the Herald Office.
  • Dr. G. P. Morris returned from Carrabelle last Thursday night after spending a few days with friends.
  • Mrs. Obie Adams and daughter visited relatives at Freeport last Sunday.
  • Mrs. T. N. Townsend and children who have been here visiting Dr. E. L. Townsend and family left for their home at Carrabelle last Saturday.
  • Rev. P. M. Scott of Ponce de Leon was in our city last Saturday.
  • Miss Martha Morrison [of] Euchee Valley was in town last Saturday visiting friends and relatives.
  • Mr. D. H. King and mother Mrs. M. King attended preaching at Gum Creek last Sunday.
  • Mr. J. E. Clark of Mossy Head was in town on business last Saturday.
  • Mrs. J. C. Walden Sr. visited her sister Mrs. McLean at Freeport last Friday and Saturday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Langley of Alaqua were in town last Saturday.
  • J. C. Walden Jr. visited relatives at Freeport last Saturday.
  • John Fountain of Lakewood was in town last Tuesday.
  • Mrs. Lowell, of Pensacola, arrived last Sunday to visit her friend, Mrs. M. A. Cawthon, [for] a few days.
  • Mr. Frank McLean of Pensacola arrived last night to visit his niece, Mrs. W. K. Jennings.
  • Mrs. Ratclift left last Friday for her home in Gloster, Miss.
  • Dr. C. Thompson received the sad news of the death of his sister, Mrs. Rose Albee, at St. Thomas, Ontario, last Thursday morning.
  • The W. C. T. U. will meet next Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock at the home of Mrs. Robert Buchanan.
  • Mr. H. Jernigan, of Portland, is in town visiting his daughter, Mr. Geo. Ward.
  • Dr. Mitchell left last night for Panama City on business.
  • Mrs. Claude Meigs visited friends at Ponce de Leon last Tuesday.
  • Mr. G. W. Parish of Niceville was in town yesterday to visit relatives.
  • Miss Anna Parish left last night for Lucedale, Miss., to attend the graduating exercises of her niece, Miss Hazel Jones.
  • Mrs. Ellen Ames of Texas arrived last Sunday to visit her friend, Mrs. M. A. Cawthon.
  • Mr. D. C. Campbell of Jacksonville was in our city yesterday to visit his father Dr. D. L. Campbell.
  • Mr. Bowers Campbell and family have rented Mrs. Sprague Cottage on the Circle and expect to move in as soon as some repairing is done.
  • By order of the Chancellor Commander of the Felton Lodge K. of P. [Knights of Pythias] there will be a special meeting Monday night the 18th to confer ranks. All members are earnestly requested to be present at this meeting.
  • Dr. S. E. Stephens of Mossy Head was in town on business Tuesday.
  • Mr. Dave Adams, of Paxton, was in our city the first of the week on business.
  • Mr. J. J. Meigs of Mossy Head visited our city on business Monday.
  • Messrs. R. E. L. Jones, D. Jones and John Cortney of Ealum were in town the first of the week.
  • Mr. Geo. Keene of Mossy Head was in town last Monday.
  • Messrs. Bud Adams and Allen Jones of Ealum were in town the first of the week.
  • Mr. Oscar Helms of Mossy Head was in town Tuesday.
  • Mr. H. E. Wickersham and family visited relatives at Knox Hill Sunday afternoon.
  • Mr. Norman Gillis of Knox Hill was in town the first of the week.
  • Mrs. A. D. Douglass and son Curry of Pleasant Ridge were in town Wednesday.
  • Mr. Chas. McIver, of Bruce, was in our city the first of the week.
  • Messrs. J. N. Boothe and W. D. McCallum of Dorcas were in our city last Tuesday.
  • Mrs. Miller and son Arthur of Bonifay visited relatives here Monday.
  • D. G. Ray and Alvin Gillis visited friends at Westville last Sunday
  • Mr. R. P. Winslett visited Bonifay, Caryville and Westville looking after Telephone business last Saturday.
  • Mesdames Chas. and Harvey Turner and son visited relatives at Mossy Head last Thursday.
  • Mrs. Jim Brigman of Westville returned to her home Wednesday after spending several days with her sister, Mrs. T. J. Miller.

[Compiled by Emily Petroskey]

The DeFuniak Herald – February 5, 1914 – Page 2

Red Bay

  • Clifford Meigs, of DeFuniak and Randall Hughes of Ponce de Leon were down here Sunday.
  • Mrs. Neil McLeod visited her mother, Mrs. David George, at the Valley Sunday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kennington of Ponce de Leon spent Sunday with their parents.
  • Miss Irene Brown spent last week at home.
  • Rev. Peacock of Pleasant Valley preached here Sunday.
  • J.R. Brown and Marshall Chamberlain were in DeFuniak last week.
  • Daniel Alec McDonald and Reg Sanford were in Ponce de Leon on business Wednesday.
  • Edgar Chamberlain was in Argyle Sunday.
  • Tom Chamberlain wears a smile these days twice as long and large as the ordinary father wears. His twins are named Hurtis and Curtis.
  • The young people under the management of Mrs. Brown and Mrs. McLeod are practicing for a play to be given in about two weeks. It is to be given to raise funds with which to purchase a new fence to be used around the cemetery. A worthy object, and we are sure the young folks will receive the encouragement and patronage they deserve.

[Compiled by Emily Petroskey]

The DeFuniak Herald – March 26, 1925

D A McLean died at Holly, FL last Monday. The body was conveyed here through the country by auto yesterday and services were conducted at the Valley church where interment took place. Mr McLean is a descendant of the Gillis & McLean family of this county, he having been born and raised in the Red Bay section. Survivors are his wife, 3 daughters 3 sons, and one sister.

[Contributed by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson]

The DeFuniak Herald – February 12, 1914 – General news

Contributed by Emily Petroskey



Local News Items (1)

  • Wanted to Rent – an oil stove ,address Look Box
  • Mr. & Mr. Cawthon entertained friends from the Thomas Industrial School at their home last Tuesday evening
  • Mr. Lola Work entertained friends at her home last Friday evening in honor of her guests, Misses Ida and Ethel Bludworth and Thelma Bauler, who were spending the weekend with her.
  • Mr. Ward of Union was in town last Thursday visiting his daughter, Mr. Anna Word
  • Mr. D.H. King, who has been visiting he rparents, Mr. & Mr. Joe Sawyer at Clintonville, AL is expected home in a few days
  • Mr. Dave McQuarrie of Roberts arrived last Saturday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mr. Buchanan
  • W.H. Daniels of Chipley visited relatives in DeFuniak Thursday
  • S.S. Kelly, of Portland, visited friends in town last Thursday
  • The editor thanks Prof. D.N. Trotman, county superintendent of education, for sending home-made sausages.
  • Dr. T.H. Hagerty and wife, of St. Louis, Mo. Is stopping in town for some weeks to enjoy DeFuniak, they are homing with Mr. Manning
  • Mr. Infinger Jr. of Bruce was in town on business Thursday
  • Apportionment of Funds (3)
    • Made under Section 24, Chapter 4322 Laws of Florida 1895 shoing the amount of taxes charged to the Tax Collector of Walton County, Florida to be collected for the years of 1911, 1912, and 1913

Knox Hill Locals (1)

  • Dr. C.B. McKinnon, of DeFuniak, passed through en route to Red Bay
  • Gordon McDonald and Ed Brown of Ponce de Leon visited friends here Sunday
  • Mr. J.G. Ward, of Bruce, is spending some time with relatives here
  • J.W. Floyd transacted business in Ponce de Leon Saturday
  • Messrs John A. Ray and Angus Gillis spent Saturday night and Sunday week with relatives in DeFuniak
  • Henry Edgars and brother, Jim, of Ponce de Leon, visited friends in town Saturday
  • Mr. Sutton of DeFuniak was here on business last Wednesday
  • Mr. Nora Gomillion, who is attending school at Ponce de Leon, is home for a few days
  • Mr. John Allison Gillis, of Palmer College, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. & Mr. J.N. Gillis
  • M.P. Rushing and J.A. Ray were among the Knox Hill people that attended services at Beach Grove Sunday
  • General Spencer of DeFuniak visited Sunday
  • Friday’s storms didn’t do much damage, except to the roads that recently had been worked on
  • Mr. Ida V. Ray of DeFuniak spent Sunday with home folks here
  • M.W. Gillis of Palmer College visited his parents Mr. & Mr. Norman Gillis here Saturday and Sunday
  • John. Grice of Red Bay was a business caller here the week before last
  • Mr. Perry Henderson arrived here Wednesday with his parents.
  • Hon W.C. McLean was in DeFuniak last week on legal business
  • Mr. Sam McBroom returned to his home in DeFuniak Saturday
  • Mr. Arch Harrell didn’t deliver mail Friday because of the storm. S.P. McDonald carried him around the route in a car Saturday
  • Harvey Henderson spent the weekend with is wife and mother in DeFuniak
  • Lancelot Hughes of Ponce de Leon passed through Tuesday
  • Mr. Mary Gomillion is home from Mossy Head for a few days to visit with relatives
  • Mr. Dean was in Ponce de Leon on business Saturday
  • Mr. W.C. McLean has been sick with a cold for the past week.
  • Mr. Beard of DeFuniak was interviewing our merchants Tuesday
  • Don’t forget to come to preaching Saturday night and Sunday

Locals (1)

  • Mr. & Mr. McCaoley of Michigan came back to DeFuniak after visiting several town seast of here.  They said they found no town they liked so well as DeFuniak
  • Mr. A.B. Campbell was called to Crestview to her ill grandchild, who is much better now
  • The B.Y.P.U. held a social meeting at Mr. Morgan’s Tuesday night.  This was enjoyed very much, as is everything we have at “Aunt Chloe’s”
  • Mr. Mary Lou Cawthon entertained a number of friends Tuesday evening in honor of her sister, Mr. Hope Cawthon
  • Mr. and Mr. Gillis have moved to the bungalow on the circle that belonged to Mr. Gillis Douglas
  • Mr. & Mr. Hope Cawthon of Florala are visiting Mr. Cawthon’s mother
  • Mr. and Mr. Plowden of Pensacola expect to make their future home here, and are now stopping at Mr. McDonald’s
  • Mr. Mary G. Douglas of Argyle attended the oyster supper given Saturday night in McCaskill Hall
  • Mr. Ada Campbell spent the week with home folks, she is teaching at Campbells
  • Mr. Norman Morrison bought out Dan McDonald’s mercantile business and is now doing business in McDonald’s old stand
  • Opposite Boy’s Dormitory, Mr. McDonald is living in Mr. Anderson’s former home

Locals Continued on Page 3

  • Mr. Justine DeUraelen, of Chicago, will arrive today to spend a week or two the guests of Mr. & Mr. Gen, F. Palmer, she will visit Jacksonville and other South Florida Cities
  • Mr. E.P. Mader has returned from Freeport, where he has been for the past three weeks.

Red Bay (4)

  • J.R. Beard, of DeFuniak, was in town yesterday.
  • Miss. Nan McKenzie, who has been visiting Mr. N. McLeod, returned to his home in DeFuniak Monday
  • Miss. Mary Ellen and Cora Lee Chamberlain visited their brothers at Tiago last week
  • Mr. Mack Walton, of Thompson, GA, is in town with friends
  • The young people who are arranging to entertain in the churches Friday night are working up enthusiasm and that means success.  (illegible) McLeod and Brawn have charge of the entertainment.


  • Announcements (1)
    • L.H. Cawthon announces candidacy for Treasurer of Walton County
    • Miles Warren announces candidacy for Treasurer of Walton County
    • J.E. Wooten announces candidacy for Treasurer of Walton County
    • Samuel J. McCall announces candidacy for Treasurer of Walton County
    • J.A. Richbourg announces candidacy for County Commissioner of the Fourth District of Walton County
    • A.W. Powell announces candidacy for County Commissioner of the Fourth District of Walton County
    • Jas. L. Clary announces candidacy for Tax Collector of Walton County
    • Herman Bludworth announces candidacy for re-election to the office of County Commissioner of the First District of Walton County
    • Notice of Special Tax School District Election, Argyle, FL March 7, 1914 (1)
      • There will be an election held at the the school of Argyle, FL on March 7 to decide whether the area described will be used to create a special tax district for the school
      • Notice In Circuit Court of Walton County First Judicial Circuit of Florida (2)
        • T.M. McConnell vs. J.A. Myers Company, a corporation
        • Corporation is required to appear on or before the rule day in April, 1914
        • Chas. H. Gordon, Clerk Circuit Court
        • D. Stuart Gillis, Solicitor for Plaintiff
      • Notice (2)
        • Mary J. King, Administratrix of the Estate of W.M. King, deceased, will apply for final discharge from administratrix duties on January 15th at the offices of the Hon. W.E. Parish, County Judge of Walton County
      • Notice for the Application for tax deed under Section 8 of Chapter 4888, Laws of Florida (2)
        • L.F. Campbell, purchaser of tax certificate
        • Witnessed by Chas. H. Gordon, Clerk Circuit Court Walton County, FL
      • Call for Special School Tax District at Dorcas, FL (2)
        • Election will be held at Dorcas to decide whether or not to create a special school tax district
        • J.M. Mirler, T.A. McCallum, Wilkes Powell, Managers
        • Done by order of the Board of Public Instruction, J.E. Bowers, Chairman, Dan. Tratman, Secretary
      • Petition to the Honorable School Board of Walton County (2)
        • Taxpayers are calling for the creation of a sub-school district, the Argyle Sub School District
        • Signed by TS Merritt, CK Anderson, DW Vaughn, CM Bishop, JF Bishop, MG Whitton, WD McLean, JD Nobles, JR Crenshaw, Henry Casty,, Hermon Bludworth
        • By order of the Board of Public Instruction, Walton County, D.N. Trotman
      • Notice of Attachment (3)
        • In Court of Justice of Peace, State of Florida, Walton County, Eleventh District
        • J.E. McCall, Plantiff vs. H.M Woodard, Defendant
        • Woodard is notified that a Writ of Attachment has been issued against him and his property  attached to satisfy the demands of the plantiff, and he must appear before a Justice of the Peace
      • Notice of Sheriff’s Sale (3)
        • J.M. Bell, Sheriff
        • Sections of real estate for sale due to a court case involving Star Cooperate, B. Boothe, C.D. Powell and R.A. Bell
        • Terms of sale cash, deeds at cost of purchase
      • Notice of Publication (3)
        • John W. Barnett, guardian of the estate of Rudolph Barnett, Mabel Barnett and Gertrude Barnett, minor children of the late Ada Barnett, will apply to Hon. W.E. Parish, County Judge of Walton County, for leave to sell at a private sale sections of real estate in the interest of the minor children
        • D. Stuart Gillis, Guardian’s attorney
      • Special Master’s Sale (3)
        • Real Estate auction will be held on March 2, 1914 as a result of the case between J.W. Wilkerson, complainant, and S.F. and Amanda Rice, respondents
        • D. Stuart Gillis, Special Master in Chancery, will conduct the auction

The Breeze – January 25, 1912 – General News




Pleasant Hill

  • Mrs. William Cutts died last Thursday night.
  • WA Jernigan visited WF Arnett’s Saturday.
  • Willia & SG Settles at Crestview on business, Saturday.
  • Stephan Manning putting up saw mill on Will Wright’s spring branch.
  • M/M Tom Davis passed through on the way to Crestview, Saturday.
  • Rev. WF Arnett is sick this week.
  • Bammer Hutto is visiting his sister Mary Settles this week.



  • AJ Bolton went to Claroy Saturday on Notary business.
  • Bud & Joe Bass left for Holts Saturday.
  • Hardy Davis, of Laurel Hill, spending the past week in bay country visited here Sunday.
  • Harry Livingston, of Milligan visited relatives here this weekend.
  • There was a log rolling and Soshel (sic) at Jernigan’s house Thursday.
  • OA Higgins, of Arkansas was buying land, with intention of moving here.
  • Oliver typewriter stolen from Deerland Improvement Co. office, Saturday. Sheriff Bell brought dogs, but failed to find scent.
  • JT Byrd visited first of week.
  • Powell Mill Co. shipping lumber, Mon. & Tues.
  • Rev. WG Miller at Cobb, this weekend.




  • Rev. Morrison preached on the east side, Sunday.
  • John Edge & Doc Davis, of DeFuniak were here this week.
  • Mrs. John Allen returned home from Crestview, Monday.
  • WJ Harley, ER McKee, Ella & Ellen Parish and Miss Ellen Destin attended dance at Freeport, Wednesday night.
  • JA Jordan, of Crestview, visited this week.
  • JE Allen, of Garneir’s (sic), spent Tuesday night with home folks.
  • Mrs. JE Thomas is ill.
  • IF Eldridge and Mr. Peck, of Pensacola, spent a few days at the Rocky ranger station.
  • John Early is very ill and is being treated in Pensacola.



Red Bay

  • Rev. Sellars, of DeFuniak, preached here Saturday night & Sunday.
  • John G Ward, occupying TC Kennington’s the past few months, has moved away; Rev. TF Ward & family took over the residence.
  • Rev. Peacock, one of the very old Methodist ministers of this place, attended services, Sunday.
  • WH Kennington in Ponce de Leon on business, Monday & Tuesday.
  • PI Hain(?) moved to Dr. McKinnon’s from JP Kennington’s where Bennet Evans now lives.
  • Miss Ada Campbell returned home to her home in DeFuniak – school where she taught closed, Tuesday.
  • ER Ward was taking pictures here Saturday.
  • Mrs. McLeod & Alice Kennington, “made music” at the sing at NA MCLeod’s Sunday night.




  • M/M AJ Ward visiting in Ebro.
  • Geo. T Chesser and JJ Ward have improved from illness last week.
  • Martin Hare returned after 6 months absence.
  • Mrs. AL Miller and Mrs. Addie Ward visited here last week.
  • M/M John G Ward visited JJ Ward, Sunday.
  • Rev. TF Ward moved to Red Bay.
  • M/M Frank Stapleton, Miss Pallie Miles & Miss Malzie Ward visited the Dismal stockade, Sunday.
  • Misses Carl (sic) Commander & Victoria Strickland visited at Shilo, Sunday.
  • Mrs. JJ Ward was very sick and attended by Dr. Strong.
  • Allen Fowler moved back to Seven Runs.
  • M/M John Pate in DeFuniak on business, Monday.
  • Jasper & AL Ward went to Freeport, Monday.


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

The Breeze – November 23, 1911 – Pages 1 & 4

(ARCADIA) H. H. Stewart, John A. Morrison and son, Campbell, were the people from here that attended the funeral ceremonies of the late Archbishop at Sandy Creek on Sunday.
(RED BAY) W. H. Kennington attended the Masonic ceremonies over the grave of the Archbishop at Sandy Creek on Sunday.


(LOCALS) Judge and Mrs. Parish, Thad Bell (the Walton County Sheriff at the time) and John Meigs were among those from town who went out to Sandy Creek, Sunday to attend the Masonic funeral ceremonies over the grave of the late Archbishop, who died last week from the effects of the cancer from which he suffered so long.

Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – October 5, 1911 – Pages 1, 4, & 5




NEW WELL (p. 1)
(RED BAY) N. A. McLeod has had a well dug at his home the past week.


Little Lillian Murray Run Over By An Auto.
One of the narrowest escapes from instant death to get off with only a few severe bruises was the lot that befell little Lillian Murray last Saturday morning(Oct 31, 1911), when the bicycle she was riding collided with an auto drive by Dr. Raborn, at the corner of Live Oak and the Circle.From the statement of eye-witnesses it seems that she started to turn out on one side, and became frightened and turned back the other way, and in spite of the efforts of Dr. Raborn to stop the car it struck her in such a way as to throw her directly under it, and it passed over her, the wheels narrowly missing her head. Hope Cawthon and Bowers Campbell who saw the accident, ran to her and pulled her from beneath the rear axle, expecting nothing else than that she was killed, but aside from some severe bruises on her shoulder and scratches on her face she was uninjured. She was hurried to a physician immediately, who after an examination said there were no serious injuries. It seems to have been one of those unavoidable accidents where nobody was to blame, but it should be a warning to auto drivers of the necessity of being more careful than the majority are in driving around town.


Nearly every automobile owner has read with interest the advertisements in the automobile journals and big magazines the advertisements of the “Silent Knight” motor, but how many of them know that this motor is the product of the inventive mind of a Floridian, who tried and tried to get American manufacturers to adopt his invention, but could not, and went to Europe with it where it met with a ready reception, and now this stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner of the automobile industry.

Hon. W. A. Blount was here last week for the purpose of taking testimony in the injunction suit to prevent the payment of the warrents issued in payment for Chipley Park. Col. Flournoy as the attorney for the parties bringing the suit suggested that if the original proposition made by the town would be accepted that the suit would be dropped and after consultation with the local officials of the Chautauqua Association, the matter of taking the testimony was deferred until the return of Mr. Bruce.
If the proposition is accepted the town will pay the $2,000 and take the Park, and the Association retain the tabernacle and the church and library remain as they are.

An enrollment of 105 wasn’t a bad start for Palmer College, now was it?

Principal Rogers had the school building thoroughly cleaned up last week and placed in shape for the opening of school Monday, doing much of the necessary repair work himself.

Wm. Murphy was down from Glendale, Tuesday, and tells us that he has a crop rotation plan that virtually gives him forty acres of crop per annum on 16 acres of land, but there is no where else in the world except West Florida in which it would work. He has promised to write it out in detail for the benefit of the Breeze readers.


Contributed by Michael Strickland