The DeFuniak Herald – February 5, 1914 – Page 2


  • Pretty weather and good health prevails.
  • Revs. Brunk and Griffith preached at Deerland schoolhouse Sunday.
  • J. E. Ward attended Justice court at Mossy Head Saturday.
  • Misses Kate and Minnie Ward visited at Mossy Head Saturday.
  • W. J. Davis was on business at DeFuniak Saturday.
  • John Wright and family was here the last of the week visiting Mr. Wright’s parents.
  • J. E. McConnell was in Pensacola Saturday on business.
  • E. C. Hart and family visited on the south side Saturday and Sunday.
  • Will and Alex McCallum attended church here Sunday.
  • W. G. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Hart, Mrs. P. M. Griffith were among the visitors at the Bolton house Sunday.
  • Commissioner Steel was in our parts Monday.
  • J. W. McSwain passed through Tuesday morning going to DeFuniak.
  • W. A. Jernigan and wife visited down Crestview way Monday.
  • Mrs. M. D. Miller of Bonifay was in town last Sunday visiting her sister, Mrs. W. F. Meigs.

[Compiled by Emily Petroskey]

The DeFuniak Herald – August 17, 1950 Obituary

Mrs Susana Bishop, aged 71, died in a Pensacola hospital, Friday Aug 11, following an illness of about 5 days. Mrs Bishop was a former resident of DeFuniak, having lived here a number of years, and later moving to Crestview. Services were held Sunday Aug 13, the interment being held at the Sandy Creek cemetery. Survivors are 3 sons, Curtis, Caro, Morris; and daughter Mrs Stell Glover, as well a number of grand-children.

[Contributed by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson]

The Breeze – October 19, 1911- Pages 1, 2, & 5




THE CRIMINAL COURT (p. 1) The big case of the week was that of John Cassidy for larceny, it being alledged by the state that he found and appropriated to his own use the watch Walter Matthews lost on the Portland road last summer. The case was hard fought and lasted for over two days and resulted in an acquital.

A. W. McCullough was down from Glendale, Saturday. His boy, Frank, who was one of the contestants in the Boy’s Corn Club made upwards of 86 bushels on his acre, and Mr. McCullough, himself is not satisfied with less than 75 bushels of corn to the acre on his crop, which is going some when we know that the average for the state is not quite 12 bushels.

The Survey Completed
Mr. Meigs was in town yesterday and tells us that he has completed the survey for the National Highway through this county, and that the distance is just one chain over thirty-five miles. Twenty-eight of the distance is a straight line, and the only deviation from the line on the north side of the railroad is just east of Crestview, where it is necessary to go on the south side on account of the number of small branches to cross. The road goes back again as the route goes into Crestview.

A number of friends have asked for the receipt (recipe) for keeping snap beans in brine for winter use. It is simple to have a late crop of beans to come off just before frost. Gather them at the best stage for eating. Make a brine strong enough to pop a fresh egg. Put the beans in stone jars and pour the brine over them, weighting them down to keep them under the brine. When wanted for use, take them out the night before and soak in water all night and they will be ready for use.
–Prof. Massey in Progressive Farmer


The telephone company has arranged to install a telephone at the school house which may be used in case of fire or other emergency. This telephone can not be called, but only called from, and its use is donated by the company.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – September 28, 1911 – Pages 1, 2, & 6




(NICEVILLE) There will be an unveiling of Souvereign Knapp’s monument by the W. O. W. at Destin, FL on Sunday, Oct 8, at 2:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

Hogtown is a thing of the past, but watch Santa Rosa grow.

We are now receiving patients at the DeFuniak Springs Sanitarium and all the doctors of our city and surrounding country are invited to bring and treat their patients here. We can assure them that their patients will receive the best care and attention possible, as we have engaged the services of a trained nurse from Mobile, who is a graduate and knows her business in the sick room. We will also secure the services of a surgeon who will know his business at the operating table. We intend to fit up several rooms in the lower story of our splendid building, all of which will be heated by steam. The furniture of the operating room will soon be here and the public is invited to inspect our prices and facilities for caring for the sick. Our automobile for quick transit will enable us to answer all calls in the city or country promptly. With all these advantages and facilities we can treat your sick cheaper and give them better care than you can at home. Look at our advertisement in a few weeks. Call and see us.
Dr. G. P. MORIS, Prop.

On Saturday night, the store of C. H. Griffith at Crestview was burglarized and an attempt was made to break into the post office, but the postmaster, who was sleeping there, heard the noise and turned loose a bullet in the direction of the intruder and he left hurriedly and the impression is that the thief carried a pellet of led away with him, but this is not certain.

Charlie Richbourg had a piece of luck on Monday, such as he would not care to have repeated every day in the week. He was called to deliver a splendid mahogany piece of furniture for Neigs Bros., and after it was loaded and the trip began the team ran away, making splinters of wood and glass of what had been one of the handsomest suites of furniture ever sold in the town.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – January 4, 1912

Niceville News:

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Allen of Garniers came up to spend the Holidays with friends and relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Allen and Miss Garrett of Pt. Washington are spending this week here.

Mrs. H.W. Johnson is improving.

Dr. O.O. Enzor of Freeport was transacting business here Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Archibald left Tuesday for Clayroy where they will make their home for a while.

Hunting at Pippin’s Lake on Monday: B.P. and Master Joel S. Edge, D.P. McKinzie, S.S. Spencer, Henry George, Jr., Walter Miller, and T.W. Edward.

J.A. Jordan returned home to Crestview after 3 weeks visit here.

R.I. Sutton went to DeFuniak to spend Christmas with his family.

Dr. Lewis of Pensacola was here on business, this Friday.

M.C.D. Meigs of Mossy Head was in our city Friday, on business.

M.T.H. Tison was in Pensacola a few days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. G.H. McLean of Pensacola are visiting friends and relatives here.


Pleasant Hill News:

Alford and his sister and Pettie Oman passed through Friday, stopping at W.F. Arnett’s.

W.F. Arnett returned Thursday from a trip to see his wife’s people.

H. Kilpatrick moved to Crestview to work in the blacksmith shop there.

W.A. Jernigan had a big dance Tuesday night.

M.F. Arnett is convalescing slowly.

Willie Bolton is visiting his people on the Bay this week.

[Garden City] H.G. Hare of Bristol, FL, was visiting relatives in Garden City, returning to business on the 20th.

W.A. Hare and family will move to Gadsden County this week. Mr. Green of Florala will take over the farm the Hare’s recently owned.

Capt. W.A. Little of Albany, GA and J.P. Davis of Washington, DC visited here this week.


Red Bay News:

Dr. C.A. Gavin attended Mrs. Ola Campbel (sic) and Miss Anna Kennington on Monday.

N.A. McLeod went to DeFuniak on Monday on regular business.

Eugene Ward of Laurel, Miss, visited friends here on Monday.

Gillis Chamberlain was visiting his sister and family of Pleasant Valley on Sunday.

W.B. Chambers and Joe Ivy of Ponce de Leon were here Sunday afternoon.

Ann Kennington and Bennie Sellars were in DeFuniak and Ponce de Leon last week.

Misses Flora and Flosie McCall visited near Pleasant Valley last week.

George Carter and family visited relatives and friends here last week.

N.S. Townsend drove through in his new car on Sunday.

O.B. Vaughn was in DeFuniak and Ponce de Leon on business this week.

M.G. Green of Dady was here one day last week.

Bennie Sellars of Cottonwood, AL, visited relatives, W.H. Kennington and family last week.

Wile Ward was here again on Sunday.

Mrs. P.L. Ham is visiting her mother, Mrs. Whiddon, near Ponce de Leon this week.

Everybody is invited to entertainment and a fruit supper at W.H. Kennington’s on Friday night.


Bruce News:

The Christmas Tree at Ward’s Store was well attended, with some 3,200 present.

M/M J.D. Sharon were here last week.

A.L. Ward spend holidays at Freeport.

Mrs. I.V. Sharon and Charles Sharon visited here this week.

Miss Pallie Miles of Darlington is teaching school here.

Walter Ward has moved here.

John F. Silcox and family visiting in Pensacola.

J.A. Perdue and family visiting Bonifay.

D.J. Burke spent holidays at home.

T.F. Ward is moving to J.J. Ward’s farm.

Miss Dee Brown of Ebro spent last week here with her sister, Mrs. A.J. Ward.

Another reference to N.S. Townsend’s new car – “A car that is a credit to this place.”


Dorcas News:

W.G. Miller in DeFuniak on business, the first of the week.

Mrs. J.M. Miller and children were at the Bolton House the first of the week.

George Nichols, Sr, doing business with County Commissioners on Monday.

J.M. Miller at Commissioner’s Court on Monday and at his post with the School Board on Tuesday.

M/M J.A. Donaldson expect to housekeeping this week.

M/M Peter Campbell spend Christmas with their daughter, Mrs. W.F. Hart.

Lowrin Young of Elba, AL, visited his uncle, the Rev. W.G. Miller over the Christmas holidays.


Knox Hill News:

M/M H.D. Campbell of Century spent holidays with relatives here.

Mr. W.H. Elmer and nephew, Warren Elmer, who went to Lynn Haven in November returned here on Saturday and say that everything is on the “boom” down there.

John A. Ray of Repton, AL, is home on a visit.

W.O. Silcox, manager of the mercantile department of Choctawhatchee Lumber Co, of Pt. Washington visited friends here on Christmas Day.

Murray Elmer was in DeFuniak on business Wednesday.

Rev. Arrent of Pleasant Hill spent some of last week with W. Gillis and family.

Miss Corinne Ray is visiting relatives in Red Bay.

“Kodaking” Thursday – Warren Elmer and Miss Sallie Ray.

Charlie Melver of Hosford was here for Christmas.

Eugene Ward of Laurel, Miss, visited friends here last week.

Rev. R.L. Baker visited here Thursday and Friday.

M/M N.A. McLeod of Red Bay visited relatives here on Thursday and Friday.

A.L. Moore, L.R. Reynolds and W.M. Glass were among the Ponce de Leon folks here Christmas night, perhaps to enjoy the event below:

**Entertainment at Old Knox Hill School on Christmas night was well attended. Not withstanding the weather, a nice sum was made for the benefit of the school house. **

Miss Mary Ray and Collie Bowden at a dance in Eucheeanna on Tuesday night.

L.R. Reynolds of Ponce de Leon was here last Thursday.

W.M. Glass and Miss Kate Glass were out driving on Sunday afternoon.

Alvin Gillis was in DeFuniak Springs on Saturday for a week on business.


Local Notes:

L.E. Laird here on Monday from Knox Hill Way.

The Rev. J. Catts in AL for business this week.

Mrs. M. Lewis  called to Louisville  on Tuesday, a very seriously ill relative.

A.F. Padrick takes charge of the grocery department for the West Florida Grocery in Pensacola, family to follow later. Also advertises his house and lot on Live Oak Ave.

J. Harrison, underwriter for accident insurance, consults company officers in Jacksonville.

Superintendent Bruce works on a program for Chautauqua.

The Rev. W.G. Miller of Dorcas was in town on business on Monday.

B.F. Infinger returns from Hosford after 2 months.

In town: Andrew Bolton of Deerland and Sim Kennedy of Mossy Head.

C.A. Landrum to run for office.

The Rev. D.F. Ellisor will be stationed at Monroeville, AL this year.


Laurel Hill News:

M/M Oscar Steele and M/M A.D. Campbell spent Sunday and Monday visiting friends.

Mrs. S.D. Cawthon resumes her duties as matron, Woman’s College, Tallahassee, after spending holidays here.

Laird, one of the oldest residents of these parts, visits after several years in Texas.

Flournoy visits from Jacksonville where he holds a post at one of the largest clothing stores there.

D.E. Murphee was visiting in Dothan.

Henry Henderson of Gaskin was mentioned.

B.H. Sutton of DeFuniak visited his parents, M/M J.B. Sutton. He was accompanied by his uncle, Eli Sutton of North Carolina, whom the family had not seen for 15 years.

Hub Allen of the Milton Gazette was in town.

WCTU meeting to be held at the home of Miss Arimenta McKinnon on Saturday, January 6th.

Miss Myrtle Warren entertained her Sunday School class on Friday night.

Theodore McKinnon grows large rutabagas.



Cabbage plants, T.J. Whitehurst, RR2 Laurel Hill.

For sale or rent, 160 acres, small house, L.W. Cawthon.

200 acres, 2 miles from DeFuniak W.m. W. Flournoy.


Colored Church Notes:

M.E. Graham, Pastor; DeFuniak services 2nd and 4th Sundays, Argyle 1st and 3rd Sundays.


[Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler]

The Breeze – August 25, 1910 – Page 1

The death of Mrs. Jennie Edge, which occurred yesterday morning about 2 o’clock in Pensacola where she had gone some time ago for treatment was an unexpected shock to her many friends and relatives of this place. Earnest Edge, her son and Mrs. W. T. May, her stepdaughter left here for Crestview to meet the body which was brought here for burial yesterday. Mrs. Edge was a member of the Presbyterian Valley Church and her death will be a sad loss to all those who knew her. At the time we go to press no definite arrangements have been made for the funeral which will take place today.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]

The Breeze – June 9, 1910 – Page 8


Knox Hill
Sandy Creek
Yellow River
Shoal river
Laurel Hill

Registered voters for:
Broward – 526
Talisforum – 274

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]