The Breeze – May 9, 1912 – General News

Happenings in our Neighboring Villages

Pleasant Hill

  • Miss Daisie L Foreman, of Perate (sic), Ala. is spending a few days with her Uncle, WA Jernigan.
  • Riley Bass, who has been working at JN Booths leaves for his home in Ala., Monday.
  • All day sing at Davis School House, Sunday the 4th
  • WF  and DH Arnett & Giley Mason called at A Jernigans, Sunday
  • WJH Matthews called at WF Arnett’s Sunday evening
  • Hardy Davis called at AD Ward’s Sunday
  • Rev. Riley will preach at Pleasant Hill, Sunday


  • Miss Callie Ward teaches here satisfactorily
  • Misses Lillie & Laura Ward are at home for a while
  • Ralph Snowden came from DeFuniak to visit home folks
  • Mrs ER Ward, of Freeport, spends the week with her mother at JJ Ward’s
  • M/M NS Townsend were shopping here Monday
  • John F Silcox has moved here
  • WA Ward was in Washington Co. last week
  • WF Commander was over from Ebro, Monday on business
  • M/M C Ward were here on business, Monday
  • Mr. Joe Ward is still confined to her bed for over a year at home of her sone JJ Ward
  • Dr. Strong was called to see John Bozeman’s wife and baby last week. Mrs. Bozeman is improving, but the baby died Saturday night
  • Henry Rogers continues to show “Hard Sense” in running the school – long article.

Local News

  • AJ Loudermilk came up from Pt. Washington, Monday
  • RE McCaskill was in Pensacola Monday & Tuesday
  • WF Croft was in Crestview on business Sunday night
  • CA Moreland of the Brown Hotel was in Pensacola, Monday
  • “If feed goes much higher the dairymen will have to raise the price or dilute the milk.”
  • Doctor Adams & John Henderson of Glendale were here Monday
  • Henry Jernigan was here Monday on his way to Veteran’s reunion in Macon
  • MC Braswell is back from Florala where he ran a lunch stand during the Chautauqua
  • Unusual number attended the Commissioner’s meeting Monday.
  • Col. Flournoy left last night for Jacksonville meeting of State Executive Committee
  • WK Jennings bought the Saunders cottage just west of Mrs/ Mannings and will move in soon
  • Dr. Frank Cawthon has caught the fishing fever
  • JW Kelly of Portland was here Monday
  • WH Kennington of Red Bay was here Monday
  • NO Straughn of Florala was here first of the week
  • Quarterman McCaskill was here on business Monday
  • EW Richardson has opened a colored grocery store in the east end of town
  • M/M Herman Bludworth of Eucheeanna were in town Monday
  • AF Paderick continues to offer his house for rent or sale
  • JT McKinnon continues to offer pur bred Jersey Duroc pigs for sale
  • Joe Allen of the Breeze has the measles.
  • Major Harley Cawthon & Lt. Stinson are attending school for officers at St Augustine this week
  • Mr Biddle, chairman of the street committee, is having work done on the streets
  • Miss Gladys Storrs had a birthday party with 25 friends, Tuesday afternoon
  • Theo. Tharp now with the Crown Bottling Works at DeFuniak Springs came up Tuesday and spent Wednesday here with friends and relatives – Chipley Verdict
  • Rev. ACS Smythe purchased the WB McLeod farm east of town and will reside there with his sons, who will arrive about the first of the year
  • Dr & Mrs. WG Wade, spending winter with Capt. & Mrs. Lason, returned to their home in Monmouth, Maine thi week
  • County Commissioners: Monday approved firearms bonds for JW Taunton & JH Poole; notary bonds for SK Gillis & JH Warren; referring pension application of JE Owens to the UVC for examination; paid Dan Geohagan $25 for road right of way.
  • M/M MA Warren and daughter Myrtie held a graduation party for the seniors of Walton High School
  • Complete results of first Democratic primary, 30 April 1912 is printed.

Meeting of Ex. Comm.

Voting canvass – lengthy article; people named: SK Miller, WP Balkom, Peck Cawthon, Mr. McCrimmon, JG Churchwell, NO Straughn, JK Spradley, JD Howell, Herman Bludworth, Campbell, Henderson, Jeff Richbourg, Col. Steele, CD Meigs Mapoles

City Council meeting: ordinance regarding pool rooms – fixed age at 18 and laid out rules for operation. Sales of soft drinks, etc. on Sunday was tabled till next meeting. Delinquent taxes sale set for first Monday in July. Police docket addressed

The Schooner Thos. W. Knight, employed by Standard Oil, is at Pt. Tampa for a couple of weeks while Capt. TL Parrish visits home folks.

JH Richbourg thanks for support in vote and reminds public that he will be in second primary and asks for support, then; several others did same.

Teacher’s exams will be held at High School 4 June 1912 – books are listed from which questions will be asked

FT Nolin, one of Darlington’s leading farmers, in town Monday says the rain is hampering planting as well as ruing crops.

[Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler]

The Breeze – October 19, 1911- Pages 1, 2, & 5




THE CRIMINAL COURT (p. 1) The big case of the week was that of John Cassidy for larceny, it being alledged by the state that he found and appropriated to his own use the watch Walter Matthews lost on the Portland road last summer. The case was hard fought and lasted for over two days and resulted in an acquital.

A. W. McCullough was down from Glendale, Saturday. His boy, Frank, who was one of the contestants in the Boy’s Corn Club made upwards of 86 bushels on his acre, and Mr. McCullough, himself is not satisfied with less than 75 bushels of corn to the acre on his crop, which is going some when we know that the average for the state is not quite 12 bushels.

The Survey Completed
Mr. Meigs was in town yesterday and tells us that he has completed the survey for the National Highway through this county, and that the distance is just one chain over thirty-five miles. Twenty-eight of the distance is a straight line, and the only deviation from the line on the north side of the railroad is just east of Crestview, where it is necessary to go on the south side on account of the number of small branches to cross. The road goes back again as the route goes into Crestview.

A number of friends have asked for the receipt (recipe) for keeping snap beans in brine for winter use. It is simple to have a late crop of beans to come off just before frost. Gather them at the best stage for eating. Make a brine strong enough to pop a fresh egg. Put the beans in stone jars and pour the brine over them, weighting them down to keep them under the brine. When wanted for use, take them out the night before and soak in water all night and they will be ready for use.
–Prof. Massey in Progressive Farmer


The telephone company has arranged to install a telephone at the school house which may be used in case of fire or other emergency. This telephone can not be called, but only called from, and its use is donated by the company.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – November 24, 1910 – Page 1

Mob Boards Train Near Pensacola and Overpowers Officers Who Have Negro in Charge

Bob Matthews who has been held here for several months and who left here Tuesday morning for Pensacola did not make the entire trip as the plans of the officers were broken when they reached a small town near Pensacola. A large number of masked men boarded the train at this point and overpowered the officers and took the negro from them and lynched him shortly after. This negro has been held in the jail at this place for safe keeping and was on the way to Pensacola for a hearing in a case of assault which he was alleged to have committed.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]