The Breeze – March 14, 1912 – Political announcements

Political Announcements

  • Wm W Flournoy, for congress – extensive ad and photo.
  • States Attorney  –  C Moreno Jones, photo; Hon. John P Stokes, of Pensacola bio, photo.
  • Congress – Claude L’Engle, photo; Emmett Wilson, photo.
  • Jas. M Laird – Tax Collector.
  • Hon. Royal C Dunn – re-election as RR Commissioner.
  • W Gordon Smith, AR Campbell – Clerk of Criminal Court.
  • Charles H. Gordon – Clerk, Circuit Court.
  • Representative – JF Richbourg.
  • BH Lindsey, of Bonifay, Daniel Campbell, Daniel Anderson – State Senator.
  • CD Meigs, MR Gray, DW Commander, IS Jones, JJ Ward, Herman Bludworth, JL McLean, WM Infinger  – Co. Commissioner.
  • County Superintendent of Public Instruction – WE Bell; Daniel N Trotman; John L. McKinnon.
  • Tax Assessor – JR Anderson, DA Gillis.
  • Murray S. Cawthon, James M Laird & JD McCrimmon – Tax Collector.
  • WF Jones – County Treasurer.
  • WE Parish – County Judge.
  • School Board – WW Williams, HJ Henderson, John E. Bowers.
  • Sheriff – Malcolm McCaskill.
  • JM Bell – re-election to Sheriff.
  • RQ Baker – Supervisor of Registration.


District Registration Officers

Knox Hill, MP Rushing; Eucheeanna, JD Anderson; Sandy Creek, JW Henderson; Darlington, DD Laird; McDade’s Pond, BF Cockcroft at Paxton; Yelow (sic) River, WC Campbell; Shoal River, WA McCallum; Alaqua, Mack Trotman; Boggy, BP Edge; Portland, Henry Jernigan; Freeport, AD Mayo; Mosy (sic) Bend, WH Kennington; Bruce, JJ Ward; Crestview, JA Richbourg; Ealum, DL Colvin; Gaskin, HJ Henderson; Laurel Hill, RJ Hart; Moores, AA McLean.


Notice of Intention to apply for Letters Patent

DeFuniak Hotel Company applies for incorporation. Those involved appear in the 2/12/1912 of The Breeze newspaper.


Application for Pardon

Henry McKnight convicted for murder, William C Hodges Atty. For Petitioner


Notice of Dissolution

Meigs Bros: JJ & WF Meigs


Contributed by Mary Ellen Wexler

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