The DeFuniak Herald, February 7, 1946

Jesse Gill died at his home Wednesday Jan 30 1946 at the age of 75. Services were held from the Elton Christian Church, near Gainer, Al, Thursday. Survivors are his wife, Mrs Sallie Gill, 2 sons L E & A M Gill, 3 daughters Mrs H F Davis, Mrs Dan Duke, Mrs D O Anderson, and one sister Mrs Senie Pridgeon.

[Contributed by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson]

The Breeze – May 13, 1943

John Duncan Anderson of Walton Co passed away at his home in Eucheanne Sunday night, Jan 9th after an illness of 2 yrs.  Mr Anderson was 63 yrs and lived an entire life-time in this county.  Services conducted at the home Monday and interment was made in the Valley Cemetery.  Survivors include widow and foster son Emory Campbell who is in the Army stationed at Eglin Field.

[Contributed by Rita Bridges]

The Breeze – February 16, 1911 – Pages 1 & 5



HOBBS/ANDERSON: (page 1) Ted Balkom of Union and Miss Viola Anderson attended the Hobbs/Anderson marriage on Sunday.


MCCASKILL/CAMPBELL: (page 5) Society has been all agog this week in preparation for the McCaskill/Campbell wedding, which took place at the Presbyterian Church last night (February 15, 1911).


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – July 13, 1911 – Page 10


of the Fifth Sunday Meeting to Convene with Alice Creek Church, July 29th.
Meeting called to order by the Moderator at 10:20 a. m.
Sermon by Rev. Sidney J. Catts. Recess one hour for refreshments.
Meeting called to order by the Moderator. Permanent organization to be effected from one to one-thirty.
Lecture on orphan’s home and its results, 30 minutes by J. D. Alford and D. T.Arrant.
2 p. m. Lecture on Home Missions by J. E. West and S. J. Catts, 30 minutes.
Committee will arrange for services at 7:30 p. m.
Sunday, July 30th.
Meeting called to order at 9 a. m., by the Moderator.
Lecture on “Which is the true church, by D. Anderson 30 minutes.
9:30 to 10 a. m., Lecture on Sunday School and its effect by J. R. Anderson and U. C. Vinson. Recess ten minutes.
Sermon at 11 a. m., by Rev. D. Anderson. Recess one hour for refreshments.
at 1:30 lecture on Foreign Missions by J. R. Anderson and D. T. Arrant.
At 2 p. m., lecture on good behavior and its effect on society by Bros. Arrant, Morrison and D. Anderson. Recess 10 minutes.
Sermon at 3 p. m., by J. D. Hattaway.
Respectfully submitted,
Perry A. Jones
Insel Spence.
W. C. Cook.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]