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The Breeze – November 30, 1911 – Page 1

Bruce – J. J. Ward, Miss Victoria Strickland, and Miss Carl Commander attended an entertainment of Seven Runs on Saturday night and reported having had a nice time.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]

The Breeze – September 14, 1911 – Page 8

Man Strickland of Ebro was a caller in Bruce on Monday having as an excuse that he wanted to buy a wagon. Better a little one than none at all.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – September 7, 1910 – Page 1


R.W. Strickland has just returned from a business trip to Punta Gorda.

New Methodist Church: W.S. Padgett is very busy completing the new Methodist Church at Darlington.

Pinders item: cotton fields are looking white. Cane, pinders, and potato crops are looking fine. (Note: “pinders” are peanuts.)

Rev. Catts item: The protracted meeting began at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church on Friday night. The Rev. S.J. Catts, an able minister, assisted the Rev. Daniel Andersin in the meeting. In addition to the church, 18 were baptized and 2 restored. Altogether, it was one of the best meetings we have ever had. We hope to have Brother Catts with us again.


Contributed by Michael Strickland

The Breeze – March 23, 1911 – Page 1

John Strickland and family passed through here [Santa Rosa] on their way Pt. Washington to visit relatives at that place.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]

The Breeze – March 16, 1911 – Page 1

A. J. Ward attended a dance at Ebro Friday night taking Miss Victoria Strickland with him. They report a fine time.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]

The Breeze – October 13, 1910 – Page 5

Clarence Strickland, who has been in the employment of a large hotel at Exposition Park, Pa., returned here the first of last week. He says that it is getting cold up in that country and makes a fellow think of good old Florida.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]

The Breeze – June 16, 1910 – Page 1

SANTA ROSA – Eugene Rutan returned this week from Atmore, Ala., with his bride nee Ettie Strickland. They were married on the 8th [of June] at the home of the bride’s brother John Strickland.

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]