The DeFuniak Herald – February 5, 1914 – Page 3

Local News Items: Social and Personal Notes of Local Interest

  • Rev. D. F. Slaughter of Ozark, Ala., was in the city Monday shaking hands with old friends who are always glad to see his genial face.
  • Mrs. Ceal and son, of Birmingham, Ala., who have been here visiting her sister, Mrs. Geo. Davis, left for Jacksonville last Sunday night.
  • Mr. D. E. Richardson returned from Jacksonville last Friday where he had been to attend the Re Union.
  • Mrs. J. C. Walden Sr. was over from Andalusia, Ala., the first of the week to visit home folks.
  • Mrs. Dear left for Miss. last Friday. Mrs. Dear has a host of friends here who hope to see her again soon.
  • Mr. Wm. L. Campbell, of Bruce, was in the city the first of the week.
  • Mr. Pink Ward, of Red Bay, is in the city this week, much to the joy of his many friends here.
  • Mr. Patterson of Atmore, Ala., who has been here visiting his sister, Mrs. Kenneth Bruce, returned to his home last Sunday.
  • Mrs. Lancelot Hughes and daughter, who have been here visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. G. P. Morris, left for their home in Ponce de Leon last Friday.
  • Mrs. Seyfrit who has been here visiting her daughter, Mrs. Geo Davis, left for Bonifay last Tuesday.
  • Mr. J. C. Ward, of Union, was in our city last Friday on business.
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Davis and daughter of Deerland were in our city last Saturday visiting friends.
  • Mr. J. M. Wilson and family attended preaching at Gum Creek last Sunday.
  • Rev. and Mrs. Buttrum of Freeport passed through our city last Friday enroute home after a visit to various cities in the county.
  • Miss Ruby Cawthon and brother Mr. Lewis visited Gum Creek last Sunday.
  • Mr. Amos Lewis of Marianna was in the city the first of the week.
  • Mr. Frank attended church at Gum Creek last Sunday.
  • Mr. Walker Green of Argyle was in our city last Friday and made a pleasant call at the Herald Office.
  • Dr. G. P. Morris returned from Carrabelle last Thursday night after spending a few days with friends.
  • Mrs. Obie Adams and daughter visited relatives at Freeport last Sunday.
  • Mrs. T. N. Townsend and children who have been here visiting Dr. E. L. Townsend and family left for their home at Carrabelle last Saturday.
  • Rev. P. M. Scott of Ponce de Leon was in our city last Saturday.
  • Miss Martha Morrison [of] Euchee Valley was in town last Saturday visiting friends and relatives.
  • Mr. D. H. King and mother Mrs. M. King attended preaching at Gum Creek last Sunday.
  • Mr. J. E. Clark of Mossy Head was in town on business last Saturday.
  • Mrs. J. C. Walden Sr. visited her sister Mrs. McLean at Freeport last Friday and Saturday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Langley of Alaqua were in town last Saturday.
  • J. C. Walden Jr. visited relatives at Freeport last Saturday.
  • John Fountain of Lakewood was in town last Tuesday.
  • Mrs. Lowell, of Pensacola, arrived last Sunday to visit her friend, Mrs. M. A. Cawthon, [for] a few days.
  • Mr. Frank McLean of Pensacola arrived last night to visit his niece, Mrs. W. K. Jennings.
  • Mrs. Ratclift left last Friday for her home in Gloster, Miss.
  • Dr. C. Thompson received the sad news of the death of his sister, Mrs. Rose Albee, at St. Thomas, Ontario, last Thursday morning.
  • The W. C. T. U. will meet next Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock at the home of Mrs. Robert Buchanan.
  • Mr. H. Jernigan, of Portland, is in town visiting his daughter, Mr. Geo. Ward.
  • Dr. Mitchell left last night for Panama City on business.
  • Mrs. Claude Meigs visited friends at Ponce de Leon last Tuesday.
  • Mr. G. W. Parish of Niceville was in town yesterday to visit relatives.
  • Miss Anna Parish left last night for Lucedale, Miss., to attend the graduating exercises of her niece, Miss Hazel Jones.
  • Mrs. Ellen Ames of Texas arrived last Sunday to visit her friend, Mrs. M. A. Cawthon.
  • Mr. D. C. Campbell of Jacksonville was in our city yesterday to visit his father Dr. D. L. Campbell.
  • Mr. Bowers Campbell and family have rented Mrs. Sprague Cottage on the Circle and expect to move in as soon as some repairing is done.
  • By order of the Chancellor Commander of the Felton Lodge K. of P. [Knights of Pythias] there will be a special meeting Monday night the 18th to confer ranks. All members are earnestly requested to be present at this meeting.
  • Dr. S. E. Stephens of Mossy Head was in town on business Tuesday.
  • Mr. Dave Adams, of Paxton, was in our city the first of the week on business.
  • Mr. J. J. Meigs of Mossy Head visited our city on business Monday.
  • Messrs. R. E. L. Jones, D. Jones and John Cortney of Ealum were in town the first of the week.
  • Mr. Geo. Keene of Mossy Head was in town last Monday.
  • Messrs. Bud Adams and Allen Jones of Ealum were in town the first of the week.
  • Mr. Oscar Helms of Mossy Head was in town Tuesday.
  • Mr. H. E. Wickersham and family visited relatives at Knox Hill Sunday afternoon.
  • Mr. Norman Gillis of Knox Hill was in town the first of the week.
  • Mrs. A. D. Douglass and son Curry of Pleasant Ridge were in town Wednesday.
  • Mr. Chas. McIver, of Bruce, was in our city the first of the week.
  • Messrs. J. N. Boothe and W. D. McCallum of Dorcas were in our city last Tuesday.
  • Mrs. Miller and son Arthur of Bonifay visited relatives here Monday.
  • D. G. Ray and Alvin Gillis visited friends at Westville last Sunday
  • Mr. R. P. Winslett visited Bonifay, Caryville and Westville looking after Telephone business last Saturday.
  • Mesdames Chas. and Harvey Turner and son visited relatives at Mossy Head last Thursday.
  • Mrs. Jim Brigman of Westville returned to her home Wednesday after spending several days with her sister, Mrs. T. J. Miller.

[Compiled by Emily Petroskey]

The Breeze – January 19, 1933


Too much praise and commendation cannot be heaped upon Mrs. T. M. Walden, local distributor for Good Gulf products, for the efficient manner with which she is directing the affairs of this popular organization. Although she has been living in DeFuniak Springs for two years, during this time she has won countless friends through her friendly, courteous disposition. Thoroughly business, she is making the company she represents an A-1 agent, and this newspaper congratulates her.

Under Mrs. Walden’s direction, Good Gulf serves approximately 50 stations in this territory, which includes Walton, the western half of Holmes and Okaloosa counties. She also operates a modern filling station in the heart of town, where motorists can obtain that Good Gulf gasoline and Supreme Motor oil.

It’s hardly necessary to discuss the qualities of Good Gulf. But let this newspaper man say one thing about it–and we mean it. It’s by far the best gasoline we’ve ever used, and we stick to Good Gulf. Give it one trial, is our dare, and then try to get away from it. Then there’s the Supreme Motor Oil, the 100 miles per hour oil–recognized by motorists everywhere as King of motor oil.

Mrs. Walden is contributing to this “Buy It In DeFuniak Springs Campaign” because she is public spirited; because she wants to do her part in any worthy movement for the good of her community.

[Contributed by Diane Merkel. Some obvious typographical errors have been corrected. Mrs. T. M. Walden is now better known as Rubye Burton.]

The DeFuniak Herald – April 1946 – Obituaries

April 11, 1946

Fitzhugh Lee Gomillion, 59, passed away at his home in Ponce de Leon Apr 8. He was a lifetime resident of Walton Co. Services were held at Euchee Valley Church on April 9, interment was made in the church’s cemetery.  Survivors include a wife, the former Miss Cardell Rushing, 3 sons, Ralph, Jeraldan & Howard Lee Gomillion, 2 daughters, Mrs Maudine Finger & Mrs Jenette Byrd, 2 sisters, Mrs Ola Hurley & Mrs Nora Peacock.

April 18, 1946

Richard Emory Still, 6mos son of Mr & Mrs Morris Still (Ethel Pate) died at Pensacola hospital, Monday , April 9.  Services were held at the Freeport Baptist Tuesday with interment made at Hatcher cemetery. Survivors include the parents, and a grandmother, Mrs W E Still of Miss.

Mrs Josephine Wachob died at her home Monday April 15, age 68 yrs and native of Florida. Services held at the Otter Creek Church on Tuesday and interment at the church cemetery. Survivors include 3 brothers Joe, Marion & Jim Ammons, 3 sisters, Mrs J L King,  Mrs Anna Helms & Mrs Emma Shirley.

Elton D Peacock passed away at Bay Pines Veterans Hospital on Wednesday Apr 10. Services were held at Bay Pines on Friday. He was veteran of WWI, having served in 167th Infantry, Co. E of the Rainbow Division and was gassed at the battle of Chateau-Thierry.  Survivors include a widow, Bernice Walden Peacock, his father, Simeon P Peacock, sister Mrs Vassie Russo, 4 brothers, Colin, Simon, Clifford & Pat Peacock.

[Contributed by Lois Danley and Sharon Watson]

The Breeze – February 16, 1911 – Page 4

At a meeting of the Ladies Missionary Society of the Presbyterian church last Monday afternoon the following resolutions were adopted:–

The Ladies Home and Foreign Missionary Society is called upon again to mourn the loss of a beloved and useful member, in the passing away of Mrs. Daniel Gillis.

Mrs. Gillis was preeminently a woman of the Home, where, as wife and mother, she was a model for immitation, and she was a most faithful member of the church: in her place at all meetings, when possible and fully in sympathy with the services at God’s house. And this is true of her, as a member of our society, in the work of which she always manifested the liveliest interest.

She will be greatly missed by us. Her loss enlarges the void made in our ranks by the loss of the other two noble women, so recently called to go up higher.

We will not forget her attractive and strong personality, her gracious and cheerful Christian bearing, and her consistent piety. We call on ourselves to follow her “conversation,” remembering that our Lord can be the same to us that He was to her.

We enter upon our record, also the deep sympathy which we feel for the bereaved household, and ask of God that her prayers in their behalf may continue to be answered.

It is ordered that this action be communicated to the afflicted husband and children.

Mrs. Wm. W. Flournoy
Caroline S. Walden

[Contributed by Michael Strickland]